12 Facts about Surat City

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The city is situated in the state of Gujarat which was founded by a man named Gopi, who named it as Surajpur or Suryapur. It’s a hub for the finest textiles along with mouth watering dishes and dazzling diamonds. It holds the second position amongst the cleanest cities in India according to the 2020 Swachh Sirvekshan. Let’s read about some exciting features that makes the city worth exploring.

12 Facts about Surat City

1. First city to have on road CCTV

The city stands one step ahead of all the other metropolitan cities in India. As they installed CCTV on the roads to ensure safety and security of all the tourists visiting that place. This keeps the travellers at peace as all actions on roads are easily monitored.

2. Largest Diamond cutting and polishing market

The city deals with 90% of the cutting and polishing of the diamond in the entire world. Varachha and Mahidharpura are the perfect place to visit to buy diamond jewellery. You can get a variety of colours, cuts and clarity in the diamonds.

3. Highest flyovers in India

Having the maximum number of flyovers makes it really smooth to move in and around the city. Traveling in Surat is really affordable as the city offers cheap fares for private and public transport. The bus services run on public and private partnership which provides good quality transport experience to the travelers.

4. Second cleanest city

Cleanliness plays a key factor in attracting the tourists and the city has surely made this true by being the second most cleanest city in India. Right from markets, streets, public transport and resedentail areas are kept clean. The railway station of the city is awarded the cleanest railway station title in the year 2016.

5. Largest manufacturer of artificial fabric

It is the biggest hub for textile which has about 300 dyeing and printing mills. People generally visit the city for wedding shopping. Landmark textile market, padmavati market and Radha Krishna textile market are some well known spots to look out for.

6. Highest per capita income

The homes in Surat have the highest amount of income according to the National council of applied economic research. An average family earns about 450,000 per year.

7. Mentioned in Mahabharata

While traveling from Mathura to Dwarka,lord Krishna once took a halt at Surat. The Hindu religion believes that the city was founded by Brahma named Gopi.

8. Engineering companies

On the coast of the Arabian sea Hazira an industrial belt is located. This makes it a house for many engineering companies like Reliance, Essar, Shell, L&T, ONGC and many more.

9. Highest literacy rate

Surat’s average literacy rate is 89% which is higher than the national average 79.5%. The education in the city is pretty bright. They cover a lot of topics ahead of their age.

10. Special cuisines

Locho and Ghaari are the specialities of the city which one can enjoy. These dishes are mouth watering which one must try once in their lifetime.

11. Leo Tolstoy wrote about the city

“The coffee house in surat ” is a short story written by the very famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The story shared different faiths and an argument on which religion severs the true God. Surat had all the people for different nationalities and belief systems easily available there.

12. Sir fardunji sorabji parekh

This superhero donated about ₹46,000/- to the government of Gujarat in order to develop the education and cultural activities. This is what makes it a blend of different cast, colour and religions.

Being the heart of Gujarat the city has it all. Let that be fashion, diamonds, food and even education. Cleanliness is a key factor that attracts the tourists and even the security provided by the CCTV on the road. Having the highest per capita income, Surat proves to be one of the developing cities of India.

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