15 Fabulous Unknown Facts About Gordon Ramsay

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There is a greater deal taken cover behind what the public persona Gordon Ramsay depicts to the world, and everybody is passing up these realities. Gordon Ramsay is generally known for his partiality for swearing, doling out genuine affection, and reclassifying culinary principles in each show he stars in. Yet, Ramsay is considerably more mind-boggling than the persona he exhibits on TV.  Not even the most ardent fan would be aware of things, and if one does not learn to see past that, they may miss out on the complicated and fascinating person Ramsay is. 

Here are 15 facts about Gordon Ramsay.

1. Ramsay Began His Culinary Career As a Pot Washer

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His first job was washing pots at an Indian restaurant near his childhood home. This was his first venture into the realm of cooking, but it was more of a means to an end. He intended to be an English football player until he suffered a knee injury when he was 12 years old, forcing him to return to the culinary industry. Because of his modest beginnings, he values all he accomplishes in life much more.

2. He Performs As a Voice Actor

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Gordon Ramsay has played more characters than most people are aware of. Because most of the characters share his passion for food and cooking, it’s quite likely that he plays the role of a chef in an animated picture.

3. He Once Threw Out Joan Collins

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Joan Collins definitely didn’t expect to be booted out by Ramsay himself when she went to one of his restaurants with former food critic A. A. Gill. Even though he is rightfully known as the harsh guy – one of the most negative views of him – he is only rude to people who deserve it.

4. Botox Was Prescribed To Him

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Ramsay has undergone botox treatment, which is a lesser-known truth about him. It must be difficult to live in the spotlight, but Ramsay was motivated by his family’s comments about his wrinkles. Extensive facial emotions, unfortunately, take their toll on the face.

5. The Queen Honored Him With an Award

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Queen Elizabeth awarded him the honour of OBE, which stands for Officer Of The Order Of The British Empire, for his contributions to the hospitality industry. Ramsay, on the other hand, does not appear to be the type of person who takes pride in his achievements.


6. The Gentler Side of Ramsay

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He was very understanding of the fact that kids are still learning when working on MasterChef Junior, and was always ready to offer encouragement or guidance. Even when one of the children started a fire in the kitchen, he calmly put it out without scolding or frightening the child. Gordon Ramsay has a softer side, but it doesn’t show when he’s dealing with oblivious people.

7. His Children Will Not Be Heirs To His Fortune

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Gordon Ramsay built his fortune from the ground up and has never taken anything for granted. He said that his children would not inherit his millions because he wants them to have the same humility as him. He also refuses to pay for them to fly first class unless they can afford it, and they are not permitted to dine at any of his restaurants. He is training his children to be individuals with their own ideas and objectives, rather than being blinded by fame and wealth.

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8. In Bermuda, He Worked on a Yacht

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Ramsay took on a more relaxing career as a personal chef in Bermuda while taking a much-needed break from the hospitality industry. He worked on the private yacht Idlewild for a year and toured Sicily, Sardinia, and Italy with the crew. This was his first foray into the world of Italian cuisine.

9. He is a Karate Black Belt

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Ramsay began karate because he considers it to be a form of art. And, like anything else in life, he put in the effort for a few years until he earned his black belt. This isn’t surprising, given Ramsay’s strong belief in hard labor.

10. In 1998, Ramsay Founded His First Restaurant

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Gordon Ramsay founded his first restaurant in Chelsea, London, at the age of 31. It’s called “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” and provides French cuisine to up to 45 people. By 2001, the restaurant had already earned three Michelin stars. Ramsay hired Clare Smyth MBE as Chef de Cuisine in 2007, and she now oversees the entire crew. She was the only female chef in the UK to have three Michelin stars at the time.

11. Ramsay’s Most Famous Dish is Beef Wellington

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Following its appearance on Hell’s Kitchen, beef wellington became recognized as Gordon Ramsay’s dish. “Who prepared that beef wellington?” was the show’s most dreaded question. It’s a difficult dish to master, and with Ramsay’s accuracy, it’s even more difficult. Ramsay revealed in a Reddit takeover that if beef wellington is on the menu, he will always order it.

12. He Doesn’t Watch His Own Shows on Tv

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Gordon explained why he doesn’t watch his own shows in an interview with Playboy, saying, “I don’t want to get self-obsessed and start worrying about my appearance and how I walk. “Did I actually say that?” you might wonder. I’m done with it. It’s just the way it is. I’d rather go out to dinner or watch Deadliest Catch.”

13. His original professional ambition was football, but injuries hindered him from pursuing it

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Gordon grew up doing sports, which is what most young boys want to do. He enjoyed playing soccer, or “football” as they call it in the UK, and at the young age of 12, he was selected for an Under-14 team, indicating some potential in his skills. He had a trial with his preferred team, the Rangers, in 1984, and participated in a few non-league games and training sessions to showcase his abilities to the coaches. Unfortunately, he injured his knee during a training session and was unable to resume playing as a consequence.

14. He didn’t show much concern about vegetarians, until he learned about the castration of piglets

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Ramsay has never hidden the fact that he detests vegetarianism. When a group of vegans were eating artichoke soup, he once boasted that he had cooked it “with veggie stock, when it was chicken stock.” However, the chef seems to have changed his mind after viewing a video depicting the horrors of industrial pig raising in Europe, including the procedures of tail docking and piglet castration (self-explanatory).

15. Baked Beans are His Favourite Midnight Snack

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Ramsay said, “That would be baked beans,” when asked in an interview with Bon Appétit what his favourite late-night treat was. Garlic, Tabasco sauce, spicy sauce, and chilli flakes. Under the grill, gratinate sourdough bread with baked beans, a duck egg, and Parmesan cheese.

Much has been said about Ramsay and his personality, but actions speak louder than words. This is all about who Gordon is when he’s not whipping up exquisite recipes, and it’s most likely to make you even more envious of how amazing he is. 

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