15 Intriguing Facts about Leo

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The Leo sign belongs to the people who are born between July 23rd to August 22nd. The zodiac is the ruler of all, represented by a lion that depicts it to be the king of the jungle. This makes them born leaders. Loyalty and creativity are the vital traits which help them flourish valuable relationships. Let’s find out more about this sun sign.

Here are 15 Facts about Leo.

1. Holds on the wrong

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It’s very difficult for them to let go of people as they have invested a lot of time and love in them. Having this attitude towards others sometimes causes them to hold on to destructive people and tendencies which should rather be given up on.

2. Egoistic in nature

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They are born leaders, but they aren’t typically good at receiving criticism. Being proud in nature, even the smallest of criticism really affects them and they can’t take it even if it is beneficial for them in the long run. At times they should take a step back and avoid taking everything personally.

3. Prideful

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They come with a lot of pride and glory. Being stubborn makes them hold onto a wrong idea or belief. With that kind of trait they never tend to admit to their mistakes.

4. Their looks matter

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For Leo their looks play an important role. They always want to make their first impressions excellent and memorable to others. For which they spend a lot of time on cosmetic treatments, working out and investing on fashion.

5. Hot headed

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They generally are the laid back ones but God forbid if something sets them off, the fire in them burns everything around.

6. Competitive

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They have a competitive spirit and wish to be the brightest, smartest and prettiest among all. But when someone outshines them it makes Leo a bit jealous.

7. Bubbly and vivacious

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Being in the spotlight and enjoying the stardom is something they love to do. They always steal the show as they are great entertainers. Their flamboyance and drama is what gets them all the attention.

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8. Optimistic in life

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For them the glass is always half full. They always look on the bright side and find adventurous things to do in life. For them each moment is enjoyable and so it’s fun to be around them.

9. Leos are protective

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Helping their close and loved ones is one of their evident behaviors. Making an extra effort to put a smile on their loved ones. They are kind and generous to everyone they have an encounter with.

10. Super confident

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Being the king of the jungle they don’t need validation from anyone. For them their own self love and self belief is enough.

11. Very lovable

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They are warm and lovable from the heart. Being with their partner excites them and for their love interest they can go to any extreme to make them feel loved.

12. Hard working

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For them working hard is the only way out. Once they have decided to do something, they will make it happen anyhow. At times, they may also use their charn and connections to climb ahead as it’s way more easier that way.

13. Ambitious

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With their handwork and passion in life they aim to achieve their desires and goals. For which they put in a lot of time and effort.

14. Brave

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Leo is Latin word for Lion, and hence they are born with a Lionheart. Standing up strong and never running away from their issues makes them a fighter. “Coward” is not a word in their dictionary.

15. Royal personalities

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The star shredded gem, has a royal personality. Their inner self is majestic. Besides, their charm is classy as well.

The energy surrounding them is fierce and flamboyant. They have bold leadership, adventurous qualities, and a courageous attitude. Stability, loyalty, and consistency are a perfect blend that you can experience with the Leos. They are the best friends and love interests to be with as they pour their hearts into every relationship they are in.

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