20 Compelling Facts about Libra

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People born in between September 22nd to October 23rd belong to this zodiac sign. As their sun sign depicts balance, so does their life. You might find these people to be strong at providing justice, a bit diplomatic, clever, non-confrontational and social. Libra hates being alone and has a calm and polite nature.

Here are 20 facts about Libra.

1. Diplomatic

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They are excellent mediators as they can see both sides of an argument. For them persuasion is really easy as they are good peacemakers.

2. Uncertainty

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A major reason for them being uncertain is due to their different personalities. And that’s one of the reasons why people find it hard to trust a Libra.

3. Lazy

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They are great at procrastinating and become super lazy at times. They generally prefer doing things slow at their own pace and in their own time.

4. Understanding

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They are extremely thoughtful and will always be there to console people in their time of need. Being natural peacekeepers makes them really understanding.

5. Stable life

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They don’t like disruption, being pushed and sensory deprivation. For them it’s all about stability, being attracted and time to ponder.

6. Good listener

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If people listen to them and do as they say, it makes them extremely happy. They are good communicators and hence people love to listen to them.

7. Visionary

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With their logical and rational thinking they create the perfect incidences. They prefer making decisions that are beneficial for all.

8. Responsible

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It’s important for them to complete all their responsibilities, making sure that they don’t hurt anyone with their actions. And this makes them a good wife or husband.

9. Loyal in love

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A committed Libra will never get diverted elsewhere and are very loyal in love.

10. Value their relationship

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Spending time with their love is what they want and a hundred percent assurance from the relationship too. They are insanely pleasing, extremely responsive and socially positive while loving someone.

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11. Very romantic

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They fill their partner’s life completely with love. And never hesitate to show their love.

12. Optimistic

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By nature they love peace and Concord. They are well balanced and independent in nature and good at meditation. They put in the effort for things that they want to get results from.

13. Teamwork

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In an office, Libras make sure everything works smoothly and fairly. With their creativity they blend well with their teammates and accomplish all tasks easily.

14. People’s person

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They are enchanting, timid, pleasing, intelligent and friendly. With their affectionate knowledge, they easily flatter people.

15. Peaceful

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They try to avoid conflict as much as they can. Keeping themselves calm and lovable all the time.

16. Can lie sometimes

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Making an effort to avoid a conflict they sometimes end up lying to people. When you want a genuine opinion on something you might not get it from them. Which makes it difficult to trust them.

17. Self pitying

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For them it’s never their fault and so they indulge in self pity. When a situation occurs they look out for support and at night even blame people for their mistakes. It’s tough for them to believe it’s their fault and that turns off people.

18. Difficult to keep secrets

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It’s true that they are good at communicating but keeping secrets is not their thing. They don’t do it intentionally, but while they are talking to someone they just might spill the beans.

19. Impatient

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Libras and patience don’t go well together. When they wish to achieve something all they want is quick results and they just can’t wait until it is done.

20. Manipulative

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They just want peace and harmony and in achieving that they might manipulate the other person to follow their decision.

Being the seventh astrological air sign Libras are known for their charm, wit, optimism and friendliness. They focus on conquering their dreams and introspecting the loop holes.
Just like that air, their thoughts keep swaying from one to another, making it difficult for people to guess about them.

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