20 Fascinating Facts about Red Fort

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The Red Fort compound was built as a palace fort of Shahjahanabad; It is the new capital of the first Mughal emperor of India whose name is Shah Jahan. It was built by Islam Shah Suri in 1546 with which it forms the Red Fort Complex.

Here are a few fascinating facts about Red Fort.

1. Tourist attraction

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There are plenty of top tourist destinations in the world, so Delhi is a destination that you cannot even think about giving it a miss. Delhi is a collection of old and new mixtures of traditions and modernity. It has long been witnessing or measuring holiday makers from every corner of the world.

2. The Red Fort was actually white

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When the fort was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1648. It was fully white in color made of sandstone. But the fort also changed its color to red. The red fort was originally made of limestones.

3. The real name of the Fort

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This fort was originally named as “Qila-e Mubarak”. Its meaning was “The blessed fort” as per the sources. Shah Jahan built this fort when he made a decision to shift his capital from Delhi to Agra.

4. It took a decade to build a fort

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There is no dying machinery and construction used to be limited during the rule of Shahjahan, the grandson of Akbar the Great. It took 10 years for Ustad Hamid and Ustad Ahmad. They were the Explorer Architects during the time who began the construction in 1638 completed its decade later.

5. The Kohinoor Diamond was part of the Red Fort furniture

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Many people do not know that Kohinoor Diamond was actually a part of a royal Throne of Shah Jahan. It was located in the Diwan-e Khas. Many years later the stone was robbed by Nadir Shah. The largest diamond in the world is furnished with the crown of England’s queen.

6. Rang mahal in red fort

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A compress of multitude of palaces used once by a number of Mughal rulers. It is one of the most remarkable palaces in the Fort. It literally means the palace of colors. One of the palaces is Khas Mahal; it is situated near Rang Mahal. This palace is one of the impressive personal palaces of the Mughal emperors.

7. Lahore gate; The main entrance of the fort

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There of the two gates of the red fort. It includes the Lahore gate and the Delhi gate. This is because India and Pakistan used to be one country at a time. On every Independence Day the Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag from the Ram parts of the Lahore Gate.

8. The shape of the Red Fort is octagonal

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It is spread over 256 acres. The Majestic red fort was built in the octagonal shape. When looked from the top the amazing architectural Splendor of this fort reveals its octagonal shape.

9. The Red Fort is the World Heritage site

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This rate has been listed as the World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2006, for its historical as well as its cultural importance. India takes a great sense of pride in its architectural world by the name of Red Fort.

10. The last Mughal emperor was tried in his own home

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The last Mughal emperor was Bahadur Shah Zafar who became a symbol of the 1857 revolt against the British Empire. He was tried by the British for crime in his own home – Red Fort. It was held in Diwan-e Khas surrounded by the British Court.

11. The ruin of the Red Fort

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British spoils the Red Fort. They continue to destroy several parts of the fort. Nothing remained in the splendid and massive fort. It was once the residence of the Mughal Emperor.

12. There used to be a water gate in the fort

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Earlier we have seen that there are two gates of this Fort. There was a third exit to the gate as well. This minor gate of this fort was originally built on the river bank of the Yamuna. To ensure easy access to the river water. As the river water goes on changing there is no water left now.

13. Detailed information about the fort

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The Red Fort is a historical building located in Delhi, which was the capital of India. It was also the capital of the Mughal period. They have built many historical buildings in the city. Red fort was built in one of those times. Delhi’s Red Fort is one of the main forts which is seeing different times in history.

14. Red Fort construction

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It was built by the fifth Mughal emperor on 13, May 1638. This has given the name as Lal Qila because of its red coloured stones. It was erected in the 20th century by the famous king Prithviraj Chauhan. The Mughal emperor gave it a new aspect.

15. North Indian rulers used this palace as a stronghold

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The Mughal emperor reigned the whole Indian subcontinent. The state’s Northern boundary extended to Afghanistan. The Red Fort is an important location in Northern Indian rule for many years.

16. A heavenly aesthetic artifact

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The Red Fort athletic design needs much more attention. “Nahare bahisht” is one of the beautiful creations in the Red Fort. It was built by the Muslim book the Holy Quran. Which seems like the heaven of Paradise.

17. The fort owes its name to the boundary walls

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The highest boundary of this fort was meant to provide security to the royals. As it was constructed fully in red stones and bricks. The Britishers called it a Red Fort and translated it as “Lal Qila”.

18. The British cleaned the fort of all its valuables

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At the end of the Mughal rule, the British took over the red fort. They not only cleaned it but also sold it. It also destroyed monuments and buildings.

19. The Rang Mahal was named quite aptly

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The literal meaning is the palace of colors. It was the residence of The Emperor’s wives, mistresses and maids. The emperor was only the lucky man who lived next door in the khas mahal. So he could visit the palace at any time.

20. Garrison during the war

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This fort has been used as a stronghold during the war and survived many wars.

So, the given above were some of the facts about the red fort. It has greatly served as a center not only for politics but also for social affairs. It was well known for serving as the home for the Mughal emperor for more than 200 years.

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