20 Germy Things You Touch Everyday

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Have you ever considered how many objects around you are unclean, dirty, and overrun with bacteria and germs? You won’t be aware that you’ve been handling the dirtiest objects all day. You’re conscious of the fact that there are germs all around you.

Some of the items and things we use on a daily basis can contain bacteria and germs. By being aware of what is unclean and what steps you should take to prevent bacteria and maintain it free of germs, you can ensure a healthy lifestyle. Read on to learn about some of the dirtiest items you’ve ever touched, even though you had no idea they could be that filthy.

Here are 20 Germy Things You Touch Everyday.

1. Mobile phone

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You betcha! You shouldn’t be shocked that your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat. Your mobile phone comes into contact with a lot of items because you take it everywhere. It might include E.coli and be able to survive for a long time on your cell phone. You may experience diarrhoea or a stomach discomfort due to germs. Sanitizing your phone occasionally is the easiest way to stop this from happening.

2. Remote control

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Almost everyone in the house touches the remote control, and if someone in the house is sick and uses the remote, you can bet that the remote is infected with viruses and germs. The remote should not be left lying on the sofa or the floor, as this could harbor bacteria. To keep your remote control germ-free, keep wiping it with an anti-bacterial solution.

3. Keyboard

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You should not be surprised to learn that your keyboard may contain germs and be filthy. Yes, there are germs and bacteria because many of you are working while eating food, or your children with running noses touch this keyboard, or your pet with germs in their paws comes and sits on your keyboard. All of this will soil your keyboard. To keep it germ-free, keep wiping it from time to time, and if crumbs fall on it, shake it to remove them.

4. Dish sponge

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Some particles are absorbed in the sponge when you wash dishes with a dish sponge. They are difficult to be seen with the naked eyes. Food particles feed bacteria and germs, and you won’t even be aware that the dish sponge is filthy until it is too late. Additionally, the same one you use to wash your dishes. Therefore, replace the dishwashing sponge right away if you notice that it is stinking.

5. Soap dispenser

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Do you believe that the soap from dispenser you use to wash your hands will leave them clean and germ-free? If you believe that, you are mistaken. If the soap dispenser is not replaced before it is empty, the soap within may become contaminated. Therefore, after washing your hands with such soap, your hands are already contaminated with germs, and you are spreading that infection to anything else you touch. Keep your dispenser as clean as you can by washing it occasionally.

6. Kitchen towel

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Your kitchen towels are the home for all nasty things like salmonella or faecal bacteria. You might think that the kitchen towel is clean but it is not so. You have been using that towel to wipe your hands, dishes or something that is spilled on the kitchen platform. So, your kitchen towel is also one of the dirtiest things you have been touching. To ensure it is clean. keep washing in day or two by soaking in the bleach and them washing it. This can make your towel germ free.

7. Laundry

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If you believe that washing your clothes would remove all dirt, you are mistaken. Some viruses, such as the rotavirus, can survive the spinning and drying processes. This can seriously injure you and contaminate your gut. Underwear should be washed in hot water with little bleach and dried outside in the sun.

8. Birthday cake

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Everyone takes pleasure in blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. Only when the birthday person blows the candles and when he is healthy—without a cold or flu—can birthdays have less germs. If several people blow the candles, however, there may be germs all over the cake, which could be harmful to the health of someone with a weakened digestive system. Therefore, be considerate to others the next time you light candles.

9. Tooth brush holder

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We all think that toothpaste kills all germs, but you will be shocked and surprised to learn that some of them stay to the bristles of the toothbrush and leak into the holder. Therefore, this location is the dirtiest and has the most bacteria and germs. Clean it very often and keep it germ free.

10. Books in the library

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A book is also passed from one hand to another after spending time in other people’s bedrooms, kitchens, and other spaces, and during this process, germs from all over continue to be added to the books. Due to the possibility of germs hiding anywhere between the pages, cleaning books can be difficult.

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11. Light switches

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In our homes, switches get the most disregard. To fully clean them, it can take months. Since so many people frequently touch the switches, you can only image how many germs and bacteria have amassed there and how dirty your switch could be. Therefore, take precautions by occasionally wiping it with soap solution if you want your switches to be germ-free.

12. Airport trays

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For security checks, many people keep their belongings, such as their jacket, phone, watch, and other items, in the tray. Therefore, these trays may be filthy and contaminated with germs from the items that are stored in them. The globe may want to be concerned about this.

13. Money

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Research indicates that the money you use for transactions every day may contain up to 3000 distinct bacterial species. Additionally, when cashiers count their money by licking their finger with saliva, pathogens could be transferred to the notes. The only thing you can do is wash your hands as soon as you can after handling money.

14. Dog toys

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It’s been said that dogs have cleaner mouths than people. However, Fido has different germs than the others, not fewer. When saliva drops, the moist, sticky surface turns into a haven for microorganisms. Their playthings are also infected with pathogens as well.

15. Shopping carts

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People use carts frequently, and occasionally you’ll see little children using them and perhaps contaminating them. The cart handles are really dirty, which is contaminated with microorganisms. Campylobacter and Salmonella both induce diarrhoea. Before utilizing it, the cart handle could be cleaned with cart corral.

16. Office coffee cup

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When making coffee, you use water that has been stored in tanks with yeast and mould. Then you wash it with a dirty sponge that has likely not been changed in several days and may be contaminated with bacteria and germs. The best thing to do is to regularly wash it at home in the dishwasher with hot water.

17. Purse

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When was the last time you cleaned your bag? Due of your lack of cleaning, you don’t even recall. But have you ever considered how frequently your hands are in your purse? Your purse gets dirty because of the microorganisms that get inside and into it. You welcome all the germs that could infect you and other family members in your home by leaving your purse all over the place, including on the kitchen table, in the car, and on dirty counters.

18. Kitchen cutting board

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Kitchen cutting boards are the worst since they contain harmful bacteria and germs that you come into contact with while chopping and cutting. Your vegetables may contain all of these pathogens. Bacteria is 50 to 200 times more prevalent and very dangerous to one’s health.

19. Bathtub

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Do you ever worry if the bathtub you use to take a bath in might be contaminated with bacteria and germs? There might be more than just your bathroom. The dirty bathtub, which always looks so clean when you take a bath, may have been the root of many urinary tract infections.

20. Steering wheel

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The steering wheel is likewise not safe if you are driving a motor vehicle. It contains bacteria and germs, which could be harmful to you. One of the dirtiest most unappealing surfaces you touch on a regular basis, according to a survey, is your car.

When you have a cold, you take precautions to prevent spreading the illness to other people by often washing your hands and avoiding touching filthy surfaces. However, it is equally crucial to take care of oneself before and after touching filthy objects that are covered in germs and bacteria if you are healthy. You can take precautions by washing your hands thoroughly and using a sanitizing agent. Prevention is always the best approach, as it avoids potential problems in the first place. So always be mindful when handling things when you come in contact with things that are dirty and contaminated.

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