20 Unknown Fun Facts about Airplanes

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The speedy mode of transportation, the aeroplane, is becoming more and more well-liked throughout all demographics. People like to travel by aeroplanes, since it is the quickest mode of transportation and it saves them time. The most effective form of transportation for both people and commodities is aviation, which is seeing amazing growth.

Technology has been advancing steadily, so plane tactics are now beyond your wildest dreams. If you examine the aircraft’s complex technology in detail, it will astound you. . Even if you fly frequently, you might not be aware of all the fascinating facts about aeroplanes. Settle into a comfortable seat and be aware of these fascinating facts about airplanes as you get ready to take off.

Here are a few interesting facts about airplanes that you probably didn’t even know.

1. Airplane is not affected by lightning

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The aeroplane is unaffected by lighting since it was built with such incredible technology that it can endure both high temperatures and electrical discharge. As a result, when lightning strikes, the aeroplane is unharmed and continues to fly steadily. While the interior of the plane is built of insulation material that shields everyone from electric current, the exterior of the aircraft is made of metal, an excellent conductor of electricity, which helps to disperse the charge from lightning.

2. Dim light on airplane

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The gloomy lighting aboard the aeroplane has a purpose. Don’t assume they are there to help you sleep better. There is no pandemonium when it comes to making an immediate getaway because the dim light helps us get used to the darkness. Additionally, the crew member requests that you maintain the window open throughout take-off to ensure that everything is secure and ideal outdoors. Only if the passengers on board are familiar with the light conditions at that time can a night-time evacuation be completed without incident.

3. Secret sleeping quarters on aeroplanes

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You’ll be shocked to learn that there are secret sleeping quarters. Typically, this bedroom is in the back or close to the kitchen. The pilots and crew can rest well in the bedrooms, despite their lack of space, especially during lengthy flights. Some are also well furnished with unique beds, bedding, and entertainment systems for the crew to cheer them when they are bored. These facilities are most common in Boeing aircraft 777 or Boeing 787.

4. A tiny hole in the window

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Many of you may not have noticed the tiny hole in the plane’s window. This is done to keep the cabin pressure stable during flights. This window is made up of three acrylic panels. The second pane serves as a fail-safe option in the unlikely event that the hole in the interior of the window regulates air pressure. And, unless called upon, the middle pane remains intact.

5. An airplane’s bathroom may be unlocked from the outside

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This is another intriguing truth that many of you may not be aware of. In an emergency, you could need to unlock the doors from the outside, or the attendant might notice someone has gone to the bathroom but hasn’t returned. They unlock from the outside in this situation. This lock is hidden beneath the restroom sign, and it only takes a click to unlock the door. They can occasionally be used to rescue children who become trapped in restrooms. However, the passenger is never allowed to unlock the doors from outside.

6. Babies are delivered on flights

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This is an unbelievable reality because, according to the rules, if a woman is 36 weeks pregnant or more, she is not permitted to board the aircraft. However, in certain circumstances, the mother might be permitted to board the aircraft. Additionally, if the mother experiences labour pains, the experienced flight attendants can deliver the baby and, if there are any doctors on board, they can call for assistance. Giving birth while travelling is an experience that is completely unbelievable.

7. The window seat is not the safest seat on the plane

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When booking a plane ticket, window seats are always preferred because they offer the best views of the flight’s landing and take-off phases. We are, however, unaware that the window seat is unsafe. The fatality rate in aisle seats is lower than in window seats. There is a significant risk of passengers ejecting from window seats in the event of a plane crash. Another risk factor is attempting to flee while the plane is on fire; this passenger may struggle.

8. The blankets are not as clean as they appear

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Be cautious the next time you grab a blanket from the plane. The clean blankets are distributed to the passengers on the first flight. These blankets are not cleaned for a long time after being given to a single person. They can be folded and stored for future use by passengers. They are cleaned for a period of five to thirty days. The first lucky person receives the blanket in perfect condition; however, as more people fly on it, the condition of the blanket deteriorates.

9. Smoking is prohibited on aeroplanes, but ashtrays are provided

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You may be wondering why, if smoking is prohibited on the flight, ashtrays are provided. Since 1990, smoking has been prohibited, and by the 2000s, it had been completely prohibited by the FAA. The ashtray is kept as a precautionary measure in case someone breaks the rule and smokes. To avoid the risk of fire on board, the person must use ashtrays instead of trash cans.

10. Airplane food does not taste good

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Because the food on the plane is prepared ahead of time and then reheated, the taste and texture of the food change. The pressure in the cabin can affect your sense of smell, and the recycled air in the aeroplane makes your mouth dry, so food does not taste as good when you eat it. And don’t be surprised if the tray holding is filthy; it may contain up to 2,155 CFU Colony-Forming Units per square inch, which is far nastier than your toilet flush button. So next time think before ordering the meal on the flight.

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11. You are only at a 7% of the distance from space while you are in an aeroplane

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When you are in an aeroplane, you are at a very high altitude and may feel as though you are quite high. Plane is capable of flying at considerably greater altitudes than 30.000, but it is not usually done because it can be dangerous. The health of those travelling would be impacted.

12. Black boxes are flight data recorders; they are not black

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Whenever there is an accident on the flight, The black box contains information about the accidents. The accidents’ causes will be ascertained using this data. The amazing thing about this, though, is that despite its name of “Black Box,” it is not actually black in colour. The material is heat-resistant and a vibrant orange colour. Orange was chosen as the colour because it is simple to find after an aircraft catastrophe.

13. Ear Popping in the flight

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Due to air pressure, this is a very common phenomenon. As the flight progresses, the ears pop. Because the surrounding air thins, the air trapped in our ears expands due to pressure differences. You cannot avoid these unpleasant effects, but you can get some relief by chewing gum or yawning, which are both options.

14. The flight doors cannot be opened during a flight

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This is a fascinating fact about the flight that the doors will never open during the flight. The doors will not open due to tremendous cabin pressure pressing against every square inch of the aircraft’s body. It is best not to touch the door during the flight. It’s amazing to know what can happen if the door accidentally opens.

15. The tail is the safest of all during a crash

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Although air crashes are rare, data from crashed planes shows that the back passengers have the best chances of survival. And it could be strategically advantageous for a variety of reasons, such as easy access to restrooms. You have the opportunity to exit the plane first, and you can also obtain many free items from the flight attendants.

16. Pilots and co-pilots are served different meals

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This may surprise you, but it’s true. The reason they are served different meals is so that if something goes wrong with the food and one of them becomes ill, the other pilot can take over the flight.

17. Toilets are vacuum

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Unlike your toilets, which syphon water down the sewer, toilets in aeroplanes are basically vacuums. When the water is flushed, the air pressure sucks whatever is in the bowl down into the tank, which is located in the plane’s tail. The flushed water can go in any direction and uses nearly a half-gallon of water. However, old outdated toilets on planes have occasionally reported sewage falling from the sky.

18. Every hour, you lose 8 ounces of water from your body

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This is an astonishing fact that you lose eight ounces of water from your body every hour. It is roughly equivalent to two litres of bottle for a ten-hour journey. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

19. On the flight, pointing a laser is an offence

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You can play with your pets or friends with the laser red dot. However, if you do the same on the flight, you could end up in jail. Aiming a red laser at a plane or its flight path is a crime.

20. The two riskiest phases of a flight are take-off and landing

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Boeing study found that 13% of fatal crashes happen in the first three minutes of a flight, or during take-off and the initial rise. However, the descent and landing, or the final eight minutes of the flight, are significantly more deadly, representing 48% of all fatal incidents.

Since a few years ago, travelling by plane has become fairly commonplace. The facts above will amaze you the next time you fly and you’ll be sure to learn the most fascinating information that you probably didn’t know before. A flight is a fantastic experience.

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