21 Fun Facts about Lilies

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Lilies are the most popular flower in the world. It is found in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Lilies are cultivated throughout the world. It is mainly used for decoration purposes and even used for the bloom. White lily is the most common flower used in weddings.

Here are some fun facts about Lilies.

1. Lilies are perennial flowers

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Lily is a perennial flower; it means they persist for many growing seasons. The top portion of the plant dies every winter and regrows in the spring season. Lilies flower during spring and summer season and they go dormant in the winter season.

2. Germination

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Lilies develop from both the seeds as well as bulbs and they grow from anywhere two to six feet in height but it depends on the species.

3. Pollination

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Lilies are very useful for pollination because of their large colorful flowers and nectar. Some of the lilies get pollinated by the wind and maximum are pollinated by the bees.

4. Lilies are very colorful flowers

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Lilies have large petals which are different in color as per their species such as white, yellow, orange, red, purple or in pink color. The Tiger lily got its name because it has orange color and brown spots.

5. Lilies are social plants

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Lilies are called social plants because they grow well in groups. Mainly they grow in a group of three or five plants.

6. Lifespan of Lilies

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Lilies have the longest vase life as compared to the other flowers. The professional way to increase its vase life is clear the the pollen from their center and it also prevents staining on the petal.

7. Lilies are poisonous for cats

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Lilies are non toxic for human beings but it is toxic for the cats. Smallest amount of exposure to the cat can also cause renal failure.

8. All lilies are not scented

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Many people mistake that all the lilies are scented but only white lilies and tiger lilies have the scent which are suitable for indoor plants.

9. Lilies have a diversity of symbolism throughout the world

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Different colours of lily symbolise different thoughts. Such as white lilies represent purity, tiger lilies represent confidence or pride, lilies are also represented as traditional symbols of good luck in China and Japan. In Greek it is associated with the flower of motherhood. Stargazer pink lilies are representing hope for wealth and prosperity. White Peruvian lilies depict devotion.

10. Lilies are used as the edibles

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Lilies are toxic for furry animals but it is used in medicine as well as cuisine. It is cultivated in Korea and China as edible bulbs. They are most popular in the northern and central region. Dried lilies are an ancient laxative or diuretic. To treat stomach disorders and fever woodlily roots are used.

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11. Lilies are also used to cure inflammation and even ulcers

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some dried or fresh bulbs have soothing and astringent which are used to cure inflammation and even ulcers.

12. Species

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there are more than 100 species of lily which comes under the genus lilium. Lilies are growing in almost all shapes and colors.

13. Flowers which are not lilies

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These are known as the Calla lilies and water lilies are not lily but they are known as lilies. The Calla lily as its name suggests it belongs to genus calla. And water lilies belong to the genus nymphaeaceae.

14. 4th most popular flower

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Lilies are ranked 4th most popular flower in the globe as it is very beautiful.

15. Size of Lilies

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The size of Lilies depends upon their species; it can grow from 0.6 to 1.8 meters or 2 to 6 feet in height. And it carries four to eight blossoms sparse foliage is dark green. Blossoms open at various times, many lilies live one or two weeks.

16. The oil extracted from lilies

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The oil extracted from the lilies is very beneficial. It has healing and softening properties so its oil is used for cracks and dry skin.

17. Asiatic hybrid

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Asiatic hybrid of lilies that blooms earliest, it is cold, hardy and less odorous. And it grows very fast but only 4 or 5 inches.

18. Martagon hybrid

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Martagon hybrid is also one which is the earliest bloomer. It grows best in cool shady areas and they don’t grow in the hot and humid climate in which small flowers grow which are downward facing.

19. Candidum hybrids

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These are trumpet shaped. It grows in bunches form. It grows in late spring or early summer with long lasting blossoms.

20. American hybrid

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This is the tallest growing form of lilies and it also grows in late spring. It grows upto 6 inches. It is also down facing and curved in shape.

21. Parts of a flower

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Lilies have six petals and six stamen with another, as there are some false lilies. They have different numbers of petals and stamen and its anther contains oblong pods with pollen.

Lilies are the most beautiful flowers and because of that, they are ranked as the 4th most popular flowers. The true lilies belong to the Liliaceae family and the Lilium genus. It grows in many places like North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is non-poisonous for human beings but it can be poisonous for cats and furry animals. It is classified into nine division such as American hybrid, candidum hybrids, Martagon hybrid, and Asiatic hybrid, etc.

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