23 Awesome Facts about Onions

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This brings tears to your eyes. The cymbal (jhanj) of it makes it very difficult for you to chop it into pieces. But when cooked with something, like Maggie or curry, the crunchy bite of it with authentic Indian spices and flavour makes it more delicious and yummy. Can you guess what is it?

Here are some facts about onions.

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1. Onions were used as a currency in medieval ages for exchange of goods and services.

2. They also have quercetin. It decreases the growth of lung cancer cells. So, it can be categorized as a cancer preventative.

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3. Onions also help to treat cataract. It’s good for eye health.

4. Onions are very harmful for dogs. If eaten, it affects there red blood cells. It can cause anaemia which can be fatal for them.

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5. According to, Guiness World Book record the largest onion ever grown by Tony Glover from Harrogate , U.K. Glover had grown a giant onion weighing 8.5 kg.

6. As per ancient Greek, onions provide strength and that’s why it was fed to the troops during as well as before the war.

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7. Onions are much older than our imagination! Some archaeologists argue that onions are 5000 B.C. old. Traces of it have been discovered from settlements in bronze age.

8. Onions were worshipped by ancient Egyptians. According to them, the concentric circles of onion represents life.

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9. The, then Egyptians also believed that onions also had magical powers to please the gods of afterlife. This is the reasons why woodcut onions were placed near the sarcophagus of rulers after they died.

10. Onions also help to clean barbeque grill. Also, eating onions can boost libido.

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11. Onion is one of the vegetable that can be grown in any soil and in any climate.

12. During the ancient Olympic games, greeks used onions to feed to the atheletes in order to boost the immune and strength of athletes.

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13. Also, the athletes used to rub onions in their body in an effort to warm up their muscles.

14. Onions help to strengthen bone health as well as improve skin and also helps to reduce blood sugar.

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15. There are various varieties of onion grown like yellow, red, white, sweet and pearl.

16. Almost 106 tons of onion are produced all over the world. China is the largest producer of onions.

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17. The Libyans on an average consume 68.8 pounds of onion each year, that is 31.207 kilograms.

18. A chemical with a name, Syn Propanethial-S-oxide, is the reason why tears drop from eyes while we chop onions. So, now we know why it makes us cry.

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19. Onions are aphrodisiacs. This means they have the power to stimulate sexual desire. In Hindu text, it is said that onions are said to increase virility. This is the reason why in medieval ages the priest did not eat onions in fear that it would boost their libido.

20. The sulfuric property of onion helps to reduce thinning of hair and in hair loss. It is why onions are featured in tons of hair products.

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21. Onions also help to remove rust from metal utensils.

22. It is said that the texture of onion determine the severity of coming winter.

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23. When we eat onions, there is a stinking smell which comes from our mouth. This can be treated using parsley leaves, green tea and lemons.

Though onion brings tears to our eyes, though it’s very painful to cut it into desired shapes and slices, it is preferred still by everyone and anyone and in any dish whether it is sauted with butter and pepper or in oil. The sizzling taste of it is everyone’s favourite.

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