24 Awesome Facts about Octopuses

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The creature can either be a sophisticated soulful one or a deep sea nightmare. They are most often looked upon as slimy, eight -armed monsters that are keenly waiting for a hunt. Read this list of facts and find out how surprisingly fascinating the octopus can be.

Here are 24 facts about octopuses.

1. They are deadly in nature

Source : unsplash.com

The Australian blue ringed octopus is considered to be the most venomous marine animal in the world. Being just 5-8 inches in size, still they have the capacity to kill 26 adult human beings with their venom.

2. Capacity to regrow limbs

Source : unsplash.com

In any situation, if an octopus loses an arm, it’s not an issue. Because they have the regenerative process that kicks in and allows them to develop a new one. They are really good in this process. The regrown limb is basically as good as a new one.

3. The ink spill technique

Source : unsplash.com

When an octopus is being attacked, they might just use their camouflage skills to save themselves. If that doesn’t work they detach one of their arms and let it crawl off on its own, this trick distracts the predators. And if nothing seems to work, they can use their ink as a defense. When sprayed in water, it reduces a predator’s vision and sense of smell.

4. Smart to use tools

Source : unsplash.com

Octopuses in captivity are seen regularly solving puzzles, opening jars, navigating obstacle courses and even finding cheeky ways to their tanks. They have been observed hoarding two halves of a coconut shell, which they carry around like a mobile home and assemble together whenever needed.

5. Ability to Camouflage

Source : unsplash.com

The extraordinary way to camouflage in which they mimic specific undersea objects like rocks and plants that helps them to disappear into the underwater scenery. It changes the color of its entire body in just three-tenth of a second.

6. Short lifespan

Source : unsplash.com

The creature is filled with innumerable abilities but its lifespan generally lasts only a few years. It’s surprising to know that some species drop dead after just six months.

7. Multi-heart creature

Source : unsplash.com

Octopus is blessed with not just one or two but three hearts. Out of these two are used to pump blood to its gills and the third heart keeps circulation flowing to the organs. But while they are swimming the third heart stops functioning that’s the reason why they prefer crawling most often.

8. Protective mothers

Source : unsplash.com

The female octopus after laying the eggs spends night and day protecting them. She might even skip eating in order to protect the eggs. On an average it takes 5 months for an egg to hatch.

9.The gigantic specie

Source : unsplash.com

‘Enteroctopus Dofleini’ also known as the Pacific octopus is the biggest known Octopus species. The adult weighs around 33 lbs. Their arms are 14ft or 4.3 m long. Northern pacific giant Octopus is one of its alternate names.

10. The plural form of Octopus

Source : unsplash.com

Octopuses is what most commonly we use as a plural form of Octopus. According to the Merriam – Webster dictionary ‘octopuses’ or ‘octopi’ are equally correct as its plural.

11. Breathes through the gills

Source : unsplash.com

Just like fishes they too use their gills for breathing underwater. But when they are out of water they technically can’t breathe at all as their gills are no longer buoyant. However, they can still survive for a short span.

12. Placement of its eyes

Source : unsplash.com

The big eyes of the creature are located right on top of its head. The structure of its eyes are similar to fish as it’s enclosed in a cartilaginous capsule combined to its cranium.

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13. Powerful tentacles

Source : unsplash.com

The tentacles have the ability to move an hour after the octopus has died. They have the ability to move and react. It can even continue to pick food and place it in its mouth.

14. Tastes like calamari of squid

Source : unsplash.com

They can be eaten raw or cooked, it consists of a unique smell and texture. The taste is like calamari or squid and its texture is similar to chewy pork.

15. Eating raw octopus is suffocating

Source : unsplash.com

Eating a live octopus can be deadly as its tentacles result in accidental suffocation. Every year more than five people perish because of this reason. This is the reason why you need to chew it thoroughly before swallowing.

16. Females die after eggs have hatched

Source : unsplash.com

The egg incubation normally takes about 2 to 10 months, this varies according to the species and water temperature. During this period the mother stops eating and just focuses on protecting her eggs from all kinds of danger.

17. Fatal venom of blue ringed octopus

Source : unsplash.com

Among all the marine animals the blue ringed octopus is the World’s most venomous. It has the capacity to paralyze and kill an adult with just a single bite, generally seen in the coral reefs and tide pool of Indian and Pacific oceans.

18. Changes color instantly

Source : unsplash.com

Within a fraction of second, the octopuses can change the colour of their skin. The chromatophores which are cells present in them are the reason behind this amazing transformation. There are thousands of colours hidden beneath these special cells.

19. Brainy in nature

Source : unsplash.com

Their ability to use greater force compared to their body weight, transform their colour and spill ink when felt threatened are some examples of great problem solving skills. This is part of their intelligence evolution.

20. Octopus taste slightly sweet

Source : unsplash.com

Octopus if eaten raw have a slightly sweet taste. Octopus sushi and talk are quite popular delicacies. Their texture is chewy which makes it a perfect addition to salads.

21. Wiggly octopus is a bad idea

Source : unsplash.com

In south Korea a 71 year old man choked to death. This was because he ate chopped but wiggling Octopus tentacles. The doctors said that the octopus suckers had blocked the airway of the old man which caused the loss of oxygen.

22. Many predators

Source : unsplash.com

It’s not just the humans who hunt the octopus for a meal but even the sharks, dolphins, whales, seals and other large sized fishes do it too.

23. Non social creatures

Source : unsplash.com

They prefer staying on their own in the dens made from rocks. Studies still show some species showing social skills too.

24. Better vision than humans

Source : unsplash.com

Having a clear vision for their surroundings with marvellous eyesight are the perks. These give them an advantage to escape from the predators and also while catching the prey.

Just like the animals on earth are struggling for their lives, so are the marine animals too. Issues like global warming and over-fishing are a great threat. Yet the population of octopus is booming as they grow fast and adapt quickly to change.

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