32 Interesting Facts about Jackfruit

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Which is that one fruit which is famously known as vegetarians’ chicken?! The answer to this is Jackfruit. So, let’s sail through some interesting and fun facts about Jackfruit to know more about this fruit.

Here are 32 facts about Jackfruit!

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1. A Jackfruit tree is capable of producing 250 fruits in a year.

2. The Jackfruit’s flesh determines how it will taste.

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3. The seeds of this fruit can be eaten by itself. One Jackfruit contains 500 seeds! These seeds are eaten directly from the core of Jackfruit, but still people prefer to boil it or roast it before eating.

4. The roots of jackfruit trees have been used traditionally to cure ailments like asthma.

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5. The Jackfruits are massive fruits which are about three feet in length and weighing up to twenty five kilograms!

6. All over the world, there are 100 variability of jackfruits that have been found.

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7. Jackfruits are also known to be grown from underground roots in some rare cases. In such a situation, the fruit cracks the ground from beneath and then emerges.

8. Jackfruit’s flesh is very aromatic and sweet and has been portrayed as having the combined flavours of mango, banana and papaya.

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9. The best Jackfruit in the world is Peni Waraka or Honey Jack that comes from the country of Srilanka.

10. Jackfruit slices hand mixed with grated coconut, honey and banana slices are served as delicious desserts during festivities in the Southern parts of India.

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11. The jackfruit is derived from the word Portuguese ‘jaca’, which is in turn derived from the Malayalam word ‘chakka’.

12. Jackfruit is actually the national fruit of Bangladesh.

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13. In Indonesia, people make chips out of jackfruit called kripik.

14. Jackfruit is a source of natural dye. A yellow dye can be extracted from a Jackfruit wood and it has been a traditional thing to do in the continent of Asia.

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15. Jackfruits are rich in vitamin c, magnesium, copper, and potassium.

16. The Jackfruit is believed to be first cultivated in India around 2000 years ago.

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17. Jackfruit is a member of the mulberry family.

18. Jackfruits can’t survive in cold climates.

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19. Jackfruit lowers inflammation in the human body.

20. The fruit is made up of hundreds and thousands of individual flowers. The fleshy petals of flowers are what is eaten.

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21. Jackfruit is known as the poor man’s fruit.

22. Blackgold, Cheena, Cochin, Dang Rasimi, Golden Nugget, Golden Pillow are a few of the varieties of Jackfruit.

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23. Jackfruits are consumed as jellies, jam and even ice cream.

24. Jackfruits are referred to as Gaach Patha (Plant Mutton).

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25. Jackfruits usually grow from the trunks and branches rather than from stems as most fruits do.

26. Jackfruit is known as the state fruit of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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27. Jackfruit is also called aril. It is that flower that we consume.

28. Jackfruit contains calcium which helps to strengthen bones.

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29. Jackfruits are rich in energy but are devoid of saturated fats and cholesterol.

30. In Brazil, Jackfruit tree is considered to be an invasive species.

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31. The jackfruit tree’s bark has an orange colour which is used to dye monks’ robes.

32. Jackfruits also help in repairing wounds.

Jackfruits though possess many nutritional value but also have cons attached to it. Some do get allergies because of the latex it produces. It also causes extreme drowsiness and sleepiness. But nevertheless your mouth must have been watery by now. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab a Jackfruit and make a delicious meal or dessert of the day.

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