A very difficult, “Would you rather?” poll!

Do you think you could survive this rather difficult “Would you rather?” poll? Play to find out what others think!

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    Let’s start with sacrificing something ! Shall we?

    • Lose the ability to taste
    • Become colorblind
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    Now let’s gain something, but with a twist!

    • Become the most beautiful person, but always live in the dark
    • Become crazy rich but live alone for lifetime
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    Lets change it up a bit.

    • Always be half an hour late to everything
    • Always be an hour early to everything
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    Let’s choose a power now!

    • Being able to see the future
    • Being able to see the past
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    Next up we have…

    • Being stranded in a desert
    • Being stranded in the middle of an ocean
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    Ok. Ok, let’s give you a breather here!

    • Meet an alien
    • Meet a ghost
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    Now let’s turn it up a notch!

    • Being embarrassed in public for 24 hours
    • Being ignored for 24 hours
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    Let’s take a lifetime decision now!

    • Wear only red clothes and accessories throughout your life
    • Buy only 2nd hand things throughout your life
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    Now, it’s time for your reward!

    • Be able to do everything on your bucket list
    • Travel all your favorite destinations for free
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    Lastly ! What would you like your surprise to be?

    • A Genie in exchange for your voice
    • Shape shifting ability in exchange of your hearing

Written by Naaz

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