Roll in Mumbai : Tell us the foods you love in the city of dreams !!


Mumbai – the city of dreams has a lot to offer right the streets to the luxurious restaurants. Choose what do you love and let us know your story.

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    Which snack would you love in the city of dreams?

    • Vada Pav
    • Bhel
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    Which drink would you have in the summer?

    • Nimbu Pani
    • Sugarcane Juice
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    How about your chaat preferences?

    • Pani Puri
    • Ragada Pattie
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    What about the little sides?

    • Chana Chaat
    • Peanuts
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    What boosts you in the office or college break?

    • Samosa
    • Idli
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    Which drink soothes you?

    • Cutting Chai
    • Filter Coffee
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    How about the evening snack?

    • Bread pakoda
    • Masala dosa
      Masala Dosa
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    What works best with the bread?

    • Bum maska
    • Sandwich
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    Some twist to the rolls is what Mumbai is about!

    • Shawarma
    • Frankie
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    How about a Mumbai style dinner?

    • Pav bhaji
    • Chinese

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