The Ultimate Marvel Vs. DC War

Marvel and DC have always been the perfect competition for each other, and both of them share many similar characters. Vote for your favorite heroes and characters to help them win the ultimate Marvel vs. DC battle!

  • Question of

    The Really Fast Guy!

    • Quicksilver
    • Flash
  • Question of

    The Rich And Smart Guy!

    • Iron Man
    • Batman
  • Question of

    The Fun Young Hero!

    • Spider Man
    • Robin
  • Question of

    The Badass Girl!

    • Black Widow
    • Catwoman
  • Question of

    The Amazing Archer!

    • Hawkeye
    • Green Arrow
  • Question of

    The Handsome Hero!

    • Thor
    • Superman
  • Question of

    The Godly Woman!

    • Wanda
    • Wonder Woman
  • Question of

    The Tiny Hero!

    • Ant-Man
    • Atom Man
  • Question of

    The Mythical Hero!

    • Dr. Strange
    • Dr. Fate
  • Question of

    The Magnificent Woman!

    • Captain Marvel
    • Superwoman

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