10 Bone Chilling Horror Movies Trivia For Horror Buffs


A trivia that lets all the horror movie buffs to relive the bone chilling moments of all the cult classic movies. These 10 crisp questions about some famous horror movies and its characters will surely be a joyride for all the trivia lovers.

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    The classic bone chilling 1970s horror Flick Suspiria is a part of which famous Triology Series?

    • Three Mothers
    • The Melancholy
    • The Weeping Mother
    • The Triple Six Series
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    The famous horror film The Blair Witch Project (1999) was based around which fictitious lake?

    • Lake Belaire
    • Lake Placid
    • Lake Blair
    • Lake Crystal
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    The Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic 1980s horror/slasher thriller. How did the antagonist, Freddie die?

    • Used as an option
      Burnt by the mob
    • Used as an option
      Killed by his daughter
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    What was the name of the antagonist of the famous horror/thriller, Friday the 13th?

    • Jackson
    • Jason
    • Johnny
    • Michael Myers
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    Which horror movie character is considered to be the older than the Universe?

    • Valak
    • Chucky
    • Pennywise
    • Anabelle
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    The Famous American Horror Movie Series ‘Grudge’ is a part of which Japanese Franchise?

    • Jun- Kho
    • Je- Un
    • Jen- Jun
    • Ju- On
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    Who is the author of the book on which the famous Horror TV series ‘Goosebumps’ was based?

    • Rudyard Kipling
    • RL Stine
    • Ruskin Bond
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    In the bone chilling movie The Exorcist (1973), the protagonist had a scar on her stomach. What were the two words carved on her stomach?

    • It’s Over
    • Hate Me
    • Help me
    • Pretty Please
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    Who was the female protagonist in the 2010 movie The Orphan?

    • Vera Farmiga
    • Taissa Farmiga
    • Amy Adams
    • Sarah Paulson
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    The notorious entity Valak made her first appearance in which horror movie?

    • Conjuring
    • Conjuring Part 2
    • The Nun
    • Anabelle

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