10 Movie Questions About Every 90s Kid’s Crush Leonardo Dicaprio!

Are you a fan of Jack Dawson or the passionate Romeo or just the one-sided wealthy lover Jay Gatsby? Take a hint of how big of a fan you are and play this quiz!

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    What was Leonardo Dicaprio’s character addicted to in the 1995 autobiographical movie “The Basketball Diaries”?

    • Heroin
    • Cocaine
    • Marijuana
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    In the movie “Shutter Island,” who was the prisoner no. 67?

    • Chuck Aule
    • Edward Daniels
    • Dr. John Cawley
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    For whom did Billy Costigan work in the movie “The Departed”?

    • Collin Sullivan
    • Sergeant Dignam
    • Captain Queenan
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    Where did Jay Gatsby die in “The Great Gatsby”?

    • On an air mattress in the pool
    • In the bedroom
    • In the garden among the flowers
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    In the movie “Django Unchained,” on whom did Leonardo Dicaprio wipe his actual blood?

    • Quentin Tarantino
    • Kerry Washington
    • Samuel L. Jackson
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    After Jordan Belfort from “The Wolf Of Wall Street” lost his company and came out of jail, what did he make his living out of?

    • Restaurant Owner
    • Import and Export
    • Hosting seminars on Sales techniques
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    In the “Revolutionary Road,” who liked April Wheeler?

    • Bart Pallock
    • John Givings
    • Shep Campbell
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    Who married Romeo and Juliet off?

    • Father Lawrence
    • Father Norhom
    • Father Andrew
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    How many dream levels were in the movie “Inception?”

    • 3
    • 5
    • 4
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    Leonardo’s upcoming movie “Killers Of The Flower Moon” is based on which writer’s non-fiction book?

    • William Eggleston
    • Charles Brandt
    • David Grann

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