Answer these simple questions and we’ll tell you which type of bestfriend do you have!

  • Question of

    Which relation describes your friend the most?

    • Mother
    • Sister
    • Potential Partner
    • Brother
  • Question of

    You are sad, what does your friend do?

    • Take me clubbing
    • Long talks
    • Give me space
    • Dance around me till my mood is better
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    A last minute trip is planned, what sounds most like her?

    • She probably planned it
    • She is forcefully taking me with her
    • She is helping me pack
    • I was kidnapped to go on this trip
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    What sounds most like her fashion-related advice?

    • You should wear what you like
    • You need more stylish dresses
    • If it is jeans and t-shirt you’re good for everything
    • You need to step out of your comfort zone
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    What is her idea of a night out?

    • Explore abandoned building
    • Clubbing
    • Star gazing
    • Movie night
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    What are your family’s thoughts on your best friend ?

    • She is my mother’s favourite
    • She is also a family member
    • My parents worry about her impressions on me
    • She has her own set of keys for my house
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    What are you most likely to talk about on calls?

    • Problems of my life
    • Gossips
    • Planning new adventures
    • Anything and everything
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    It’s your birthday, what sounds most like your bestfriend?

    • Surprise party at midnight
    • A rather expensive gift
    • A day full of fun
    • A grand birthday party
  • Question of

    What item of friendship do you share?

    • Friendship bracelets
    • Matching jewelry
    • Twining clothes
    • Everything twining
  • Question of

    Last slice of pizza is left, what happens?

    • She will snatch it out of my hands
    • Give it to me!
    • Order another pizza
    • Share it with me

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