Do You Know The Names Of These Everyday Items? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

We use several items in our everyday lives, and usually, we ignore many of them. Do you think you know the names of these everyday items? Take the quiz to find out!

  • Question of


    • The holes for laces
    • Plastic ends of the laces
    • The upper part of the shoe
  • Question of


    • The space between the eyebrows
    • The lower eye lashes
    • The white part of eyes
  • Question of


    • The opposite side of the hammer
    • The bottom part of the hammer
    • The neck of the hammer
  • Question of


    • The lines on our wrists
    • The visible veins on our hands
    • The partitions of our fingers
  • Question of

    Phloem Bundles

    • The strings that separate from the peel
    • One part of the peel
    • The top part of the banana
  • Question of

    Box Tent

    • The plastic tops in pizza boxes
    • The plastic packaging on batteries
    • Bottle package
  • Question of


    • The foam on beer
    • The colour of beer
    • The ingredients used to make beer
  • Question of


    • The metal ring on pencils
    • The eraser on pencils
    • The point of pencil
  • Question of


    • Infinity symbol
    • Inverted numbers
    • Drawings for blind
  • Question of


    • Paper covers of cups
    • The sipper part of cups
    • The ridges on cups
  • Question of


    • Division sign
    • Mathematical symbol
    • Design templates
  • Question of

    Snellen Chart

    • Eye test chart
    • Language chart
    • Design posters

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