Hip-Hop Quiz Questions That Will Make You Feel RAD!

Are you a fan of hip-hop music? Whether it is Eminem’s crazy flow style or Dr. Dre’s art of creating music, or the Westside and the Eastside rivalry. Check out how big of a fan you are by attempting this quiz!

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    Who was the founder of Rap Music?

    • EMINEM
    • D.O.C
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    Around which time Boom Bap Music came into the picture?

    • 1960s
    • 1980s
    • 2000 Onwards
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    NWA was a famous Hip-Hop group in the 90s. Why were they so controversial?

    • They made copied content
    • They got involved in crime
    • They rapped about explicit stuff
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    Before Eminem became a legend, with whom did he collaborate to get his first big break?

    • THE GAME
    • DR. DRE
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    Tupac Shakur was a Rap Prodigy. Where was he actually born?

    • New York
    • Compton
    • Ohio
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    “STILL DRE” was a classic hit in 1999. Which rapper collaborated with him to make it a hit?

    • HAVOC
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    These days Migos and Lil Pump rap a style called Mumble Rap. What is it also called?

    • Soundcloud Rap
    • Cloud Rap
    • Boom Bap
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    Lil Peep was a young inspirational rapper. What was his genre?

    • Old School
    • Emo goth
    • Lo-fi
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    Killshot was a hit diss track released in 2018 by Eminem. Who did he diss?

    • Machine Gun Kelly
    • Travis Scott
    • XXXtentacion
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    Nf collaborated with which artist to release a track called “Lost?”

    • J.Cole
    • Hopsin
    • DaBaby

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