The Godfather Trilogy Quiz

Are you a fan of gangster movies? Do you like the way they fight to survive, sometimes even harm their gang members? If you are ready to be a part of the Corleone family, then this quiz is for you!

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    What is the actual name of Vito Corleone?

    • Vito Andolini
    • Vito Sicily Corleone
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    In which Godfather movie was the horse’s head chopped?

    • Godfather 2
    • Godfather 1
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    Who shot Vito Corleone?

    • Emilio Barzini
    • Samuele Mangano
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    What was the name of the woman who died in a deliberate car blast?

    • Kay Adams
    • Apollonia
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    For whom did Fredo Corleone work for?

    • Mo Greene
    • Frank Pentangeli
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    Whom does Vito Corleone kill to avenge his parent’s death?

    • Don Fanucci
    • Don Ciccio
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    How many children did Vito Corleone have in total?

    • 5
    • 4
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    What did Anthony Corleone actually dream of becoming?

    • Lawyer
    • Singer
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    Whom did Vincent Corleone fall for?

    • Connie Corleone
    • Mary Corleone
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    What does Michael Corleone’s death signify?

    • What goes around comes around
    • Fame and power is temporary

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