The horror trivia!

This is a collection of questions related to horror movies, books, and their authors. Take a spin and see what score comes in the horror meter.

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    Who is the author of Haunting Of The Hill House?

    • Stephen King
    • Shirley Jackson
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    In which Hotel is Jack hired as a caretaker in Stephen King’s “The Shining?”

    • The Overlook hotel
    • The Dolphin hotel
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    In Bram Stroker’s Dracula, what does the monster allegedly need from his home country to stay healthy?

    • Dirt
    • Clothing
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    Which inventor also produced the first Frankenstein film?

    • Nikola Tesla
    • Thomas Edison
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    Which narrative popularized the theme of the female vampire?

    • Carmilla
    • The Queen Of The Damned
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    Who is the first ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

    • Marley Thompson
    • Jacob Marley
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    How long did it take for Anne Rice to write her fist novel “Interview With Her Vampire?”

    • 5 Weeks
    • 6 Months
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    Which filmmaker’s work largely developed the modern zombie?

    • Stuart Gordon
    • George A. Romero
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    Which classic horror movie was originally titled “The Babysitter Murders?”

    • Scream
    • Halloween
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    How many people associated died during the production of “The Exorcist?”

    • 9
    • 15

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