Test Your Serial Killer Knowledge With This Quiz!

Serial killers are a fascination for many, right? Take this quiz and test out your knowledge of the top serial killers and their deeds!

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    The killer fashioned this name for himself in taunting letters he sent to the Bay Area Press. He left ciphers to be decoded, and out of the four he sent, only one was solved. He killed 37 victims, according to his last letter, but only seven were found. He was active in California. Who is this notorious killer?

    • The Zodiac Killer
    • Luis Garavito
    • Pedro López
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    He was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile. He operated in various states in the USA and confessed to killing 30 women. He revisited crime scenes and indulged in sexual acts with the corpses. He was killed on an electric chair! Ring any bells?

    • Ted Bundy
    • Yang Xinhai
    • Samuel Little
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    Although the real killer or killers were never identified, the name came into being because the victims had organs missing. Judging by the procedure, the killer seemed to have surgical experience. He was active between 1888-93. Got it?

    • Jack The Ripper
    • John Wayne Gacy
    • Clementine Barnabet
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    He was responsible for dismembering 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He also indulged in necrophilia and cooking body parts of his victim, then eating them. He was eventually caught after a prospective victim managed to overpower him. Can you identify him?

    • Jeffrey Dahmer
    • Volga Maniac
    • Cedric Maake
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    He sexually assaulted and murdered 33 teenage boys and young men. He would lure his victims to his home with the promise of work or money before murdering them by strangulation using a tourniquet. He buried 26 of his victims in the crawl space under his house and later disposed of the bodies off in the Des Plaines River. Who is it?

    • Gary Ridgway
    • Earle Nelson
    • Jeffrey Dahmer
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    He was nicknamed “Killer Clown” because of his job attending children’s birthday parties and charitable events as “Pogo the Clown.” He was convicted of raping, torturing, and murdering 33 teenage boys for six years. He would lure them to his home, kill them via either strangulation or asphyxiation, then bury them on his property.

    • John Wayne Gacy
    • Charles Ray Hatcher
    • Atlanta Ripper
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    Nicknamed “Dr. Death” after his horrific killing spree came to light, he was sentenced to life in prison after killing over 200 patients. He died in 2004 after committing suicide in his cell. He never admitted to any of the killings.

    • Harold Shipman
    • Randall Woodfield
    • Herbert Mullin
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    The woman who became known as the “Lady Bluebeard” immigrated to America from Norway in 1881. She killed several of her husbands and suitors along with her children! Who is she?

    • Belle Gunness
    • Nikolay Shubin
    • Rainbow Maniac
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    He built what he referred to as his murder “castle”—a three-story inn that he secretly turned into a dreadful torture chamber. Some rooms were equipped with hidden peepholes, gas lines, trap doors, and soundproofed padding. He took people to his lair only to asphyxiate them with poisoned gas and take them to his basement for horrific experiments. He then either disposed of the bodies in his furnace or skinned them and sold the skeletons to medical schools. Identify him?

    • H.H. Holmes
    • West Mesa Killer
    • Milton Johnson
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    Better known by the nickname Grim Sleeper, he was an American serial killer who was responsible for at least ten murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles, California, from 1985 to 2007. He was also convicted of rape and sexual violence. Ring any bells?

    • Lonnie David Franklin Jr.
    • Edmund Kemper
    • Joseph Paul Franklin
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    He is an American serial killer serving life imprisonment for the 1981 killing of two men in Atlanta, Georgia. The police believe that he is responsible for at least 23 of the 30 Atlanta murders of 1979–1981, also known as the Atlanta Child Murders. Who is it?

    • Wayne Williams
    • Bruce McArthur
    • David Carpenter

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