The Serial Killer Trivia

Everyone gets fascinated with serial killers due to their innate personalities that evokes thrill in life. If you are one of them, this one’s for you!

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    Who was the serial killer with the tag name “The Night Stalker?”

    • Jack The Ripper
    • Rick Ramirez
    • Pedro Lopez
  • Question of

    Where did the infamous Stone Man’s act begin?

    • Chennai
    • Kolkata
    • Punjab
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    There was a serial killer by the name Jane Toppan in the 20th century who confessed having no remorse or guilt after killing people. What was her actual profession?

    • Painter
    • Housemaid
    • Nurse
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    Robert Downey Junior was in the film “Zodiac” inspired by true events of a serial killer called the “Zodiac Killer.” Where did he operate?

    • Northern California
    • West Virginia
    • New York
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    Which country has the most number of serial killers?

    • England
    • United States
    • South Africa
  • Question of

    What is the key trait of becoming a serial killer?

    • Insolent Nature
    • Schizophrenic
    • Lack Of Empathy
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    Which serial killer has the most number of victims?

    • Pedro Lopez
    • Harold Shipman
    • Pedro Filho
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    Who was India’s first female convicted serial killer ?

    • Cyanide Mallika
    • Seema Gavit
    • Renuka Shinde
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    Kampatimar Shankariya was an Indian killer in the 1970s who used one weapon to do his act. What was the weapon?

    • Hammer
    • Knife
    • Stone
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    What was the name of the killer in the web series ” Don’t F#$@ With The Cats?”

    • John Edward Robinson
    • Kevin Yang
    • Luka Magnotta

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