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The trivia on peaky blinders

Are you a fan of Thomas Shelby or Arthur Shelby or Michael Grey? Check this quiz out to see whether you are a true fan or not.

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    When the show ” Peaky Blinders” first aired on BBC?

    • 2013
    • 2014
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    Which part of Birmingham do the Peaky Blinders call home?

    • Kingstanding
    • Small Heath
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    What is the name of the pub that Peaky Blinders go to drink?

    • The Garrison
    • The Black Lion
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    What is the name of Ada’s communist lover?

    • Jimmy
    • Freddie
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    In which part of London is Alfie’s bakery in?

    • Hackney
    • Camden
  • Question of

    Who is this man?

    • Darby Sabini
    • Billy Kimber
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    Who is the singer of the iconic song ” Red Right Hand?”

    • Tom Waits
    • Nick Cave
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    When does Arthur accidentally kill a boy?

    • A sparring session
    • A gun fight
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    What is the name of Tommy’s horse?

    • Grace’s secret
    • Trench Runner
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    Who kills Father Hughes?

    • Michael Grey
    • Arthur Shelby

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