The Trivia On Popular Youtubers

We spend a lot of hours looking at the content of our favorite YouTubers. Do you want to check how well you know them? Take the quiz!

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    Who called out this famous roaster “Thugesh” on YouTube and has been to Biggboss?

    • Ajaz Khan
    • Dolly Bindra
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    Lakshya Chaudhary made a video on which You Tuber saying that he scammed the old man from Baba Ka Dhaba?

    • Shivam Trivedi
    • Gaurav Wasan
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    What is the name of first Indian Travel Blogger who had purchased Suzuki Hayabusa?

    • J S Films
    • Indian Rider Amit
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    What is the name of the first car that Mubaiker Nikhil bought?

    • Toyata Land Cruiser
    • Honda CRV Third Generation
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    Which Indian Youtuber played the supporting role in the movie Soty 2?

    • Harsh Beniwal
    • Tanmay Bhat
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    How is Fameer Fuddi related to Banchor Das?

    • Paternal Uncle’s son
    • Maternal Aunt’s son
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    Which commercial aviation company does Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) have a beef with?

    • Indigo
    • Air Asia
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    Which stand up comedian has recently become a lifestyle Blogger?

    • Gaurav Kapoor
    • Gaurav Gupta
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    What is the real name of the owner of Dynamo Gaming YouTube channel?

    • Carryminati
    • Adii Sawant
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    With what did Mortal start his gaming career?

    • Computer
    • ipad

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