Are you into car racing, action drama and international crime? These are all included in the Fast And Furious franchise. Give it a spin to find out about it

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    Which car does Dom keep in his garage until he drives it at the end of The Fast and Furious?

    • Dodge Charger R/T
    • Volkswagen Jetta
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    What does Carter Verone threaten Detective Whitworth and his family with in 2Fast and 2Furious ?

    • A Tiger
    • A Rat
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    Where do Dom and Brian stash Braga’s heroin in Fast and Furious?

    • In a police auto pound
    • In a bank
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    In Fast And Furious why does Letty cooperate with the FBI?

    • She wants to turn on Dom
    • She wants to clear his name
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    In Fast Five which character is sent to capture Dom, Brian and Mia after the murder of multiple DEA agents?

    • Luke Hobbs
    • Penning
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    In Fast And Furious 6 which character’s return prompts Dom’s crew to go to London in search of Owen Shaw?

    • Vince
    • Letty
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    What does Owen Shaw call out Don for in Fast And Furious 6?

    • For putting his family first
    • For being revengeful
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    Which iconic painting is Han’s Nissan Silvia $15 Specs nicknamed for in Tokyo Drift?

    • Mona Lisa
    • Portrait Of Madame X
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    In Tokyo Drift what does D.K stand for?

    • Darn King
    • Drift King
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    What is the name of the hacking device created by Ramsey in Furious 7?

    • God’s Eye
    • Third Eye

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