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Is gaming your one true love? Then this quiz is just for you!

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    In the popular video game “Crysis 2,” what is the doctor’s name who led Prophet to collect the alien DNA?

    • Dr. Gould
    • Dr. Who
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    In the game “Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 2019”, Farah was the leader of which liberation force?

    • UCA
    • ULF
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    In the game “Call Of Duty 4”, where does Captain Price go with Captain Macmillan?

    • Manila
    • Chernobyl
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    In the game “Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 2”, General Shepherd betrays and kills which crew member?

    • Ghost
    • Soap
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    What was the name of Captain Price’s task force?

    • Task force 140
    • Task force 141
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    In the game “FIFA 20”, what are Paulo Dybala’s stats?

    • 92
    • 80
    • 87
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    Who said the iconic line “All you had to do was follow the damn train!”

    • Big Smoke
    • Sugar
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    What is the full name of the protagonist of “Assassin Creed 1?”

    • Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
    • Altair Ibn-La’Ahad
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    In the game ” Far Cry 3″, what is Jason tasked to do with a flame thrower?

    • Burning Amanaki village
    • Burning the weed field
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    Who created the game Road Rash?

    • Activison
    • Electronic Arts

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