The Weekend Quiz To Make Your Weekend!

Are you a fan of the Blinding Lights by The Weeknd or into the R & B genre that he uses? Then this quiz is for you!

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    What is the name of The Weeknd’s first album?

    • House Of Balloons
    • Trilogy
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    He has a special connection with which Hollywood celebrity?

    • Adam Sandler
    • Jim Carrey
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    Who helped him launch his career?

    • Drake
    • Kanye West
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    His fans call him by which name?

    • GOAT
    • Abel
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    What is the name of his crew?

    • Crew Love
    • XO
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    For which track did he get the Grammy award for “Best R & B Performance?”

    • Earned It
    • Save Your Tears
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    In which Adam Sandler movie did The Weeknd have a cameo role?

    • Sandy Wexler
    • Uncut Gems
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    In which recent animated series did The Weeknd have a cameo role?

    • Bojack Horseman
    • American Dad
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    Which artist’s song named “Dirty Diana” did he make a cover song on?

    • Michael Jackson
    • Enrique Iglesias
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    Which song is his biggest hit so far?

    • Blinding Lights
    • Starboy

Written by Shriangana

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