Can You Name All Of These “World’s Most”?

We have a lot of things that come into the “World’s Most” category, world’s largest bird, world’s oldest language, etc. Do you think you can score the best on the quiz? Take the quiz to find out!

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    Which river is the world’s most longest river?

    • Nile
    • Amazon
    • Mississippi
    • Congo
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    Which building is the world’s most tallest building?

    • Burj Khalifa
    • Shanghai Tower
    • Makkah Royal Clock Tower
    • Lotte World Tower
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    What is the world’s largest animal?

    • Blue whale
    • African bush elephant
    • White rhinoceros
    • Humpback whale
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    Which is the world’s smallest bird?

    • Bee Hummingbird
    • Goldcrest
    • Brown Gerygone
    • Simple Firecrest
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    Which tree is the world’s oldest tree?

    • Great Basin Bristlecone Pine
    • Patriarca da Floresta
    • Sarv-e Abarqu
    • Llangernyw Yew
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    Which animal is the world’s most ugliest animal?

    • Blobfish
    • Star-Nosed Mole
    • Monkfish
    • Proboscis Monkey
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    Which civilization is the world’s most oldest civilization.

    • Sumerian civilization
    • Ancient Egyptians
    • Norte Chico
    • Aboriginal Australians
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    Who was the world’s first man to reach the peak of Himalaya

    • Edmund Percival Hillary
    • Tenzing Norgay
    • Juerg P. Marmet
    • Autar Singh Cheema
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    Which flower is the world’s most rarest flower?

    • Middlemist Red flower
    • Amorphophallus Titanum
    • Ghost Orchid
    • Dragon’s Blood Tree
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    What is the world’s most expensive mineral

    • Jadeite
    • Blue Garnet.
    • Antimatter
    • palladium
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    What is the world’s most common boy’s name?

    • James
    • John
    • Robert
    • Michael
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    Which island is the world’s most least explored areas?

    • Tuvalu
    • Kiribati
    • Marshall Islands
    • Solomon Islands
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    Which tribe is the world’s most isolated tribe?

    • Sentinelese
    • Kawahiva Brazil
    • Ayoreo Paraguay
    • The Uncontacted Frontier Peru

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