Top 10 Questions About The Phenomenal Kate Winslet

Isn’t everyone a fan of this versatile and beautiful actress Kate Winslet? or has watched at least two of her movies? This quiz is for them to check how much they know about her.

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    Which award did Kate Winslet won for her role in the British show “Extras?”

    • Emmy
    • Golden Globe
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    At what age did she have her first screen appearance?

    • 17
    • 15
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    In which movie did she claim to have suffered from Influenza?

    • Titanic
    • Little Children
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    What is the name of the book that she wrote?

    • The Golden Cap: A Book On Autism
    • The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism
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    She is the newest brand ambassador of which company?

    • L’Oreal
    • Dove
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    How many Oscar awards has she won?

    • 1
    • 2
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    What is the actual color of her hair?

    • Red
    • Blonde
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    What was the name of her first film?

    • Heavenly Creatures
    • Sense and Sensibility
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    For which movie did she practice kickboxing?

    • Iris
    • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
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    For which animated movie was she a part of?

    • Christmas Carol
    • Hotel Transylvania

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