The Ultimate Quiz For Conspiracy Theorists

There are many people who love questioning things and conspiracies.This quiz is for those conspiracy theorists who think they are the pros at it!

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    Many Christians believed that a Roman Emperor faked his death to return and reestablish his reign, in 68 AD. Who was the king?

    • Emperor Trajan
    • Emperor Nero
    • Emperor Augustus
    • Emperor Vespasian
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    Which plane was reintroduced as Flight MH 17 in Ukraine, according to popular conspiracy theory?

    • Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
    • Japan Airlines 123
    • Air India 231
    • Air France 447
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    In the famous Roswell UFO incident, what did the US Army Air Force say about the ‘Flying Disc’?

    • Weather Balloon
    • Aircraft
    • Spaceshutle
    • F-16
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    According conspiracy theories, the US moon landing was staged by NASA in a film studio. Who was the alleged director to be involved?

    • Francis Ford Coppola
    • Alfred Hitchcock
    • Stanley Kubrick
    • Steven Spielberg
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    According to theories, Tupac Shakur faked his death and is currently hiding where?

    • Mexico
    • Cuba
    • Los Angeles
    • Brooklyn
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    According to theories, in 1998 Football World Cup final, which player sleepwalked into the match?

    • Julio Cesar
    • Ronaldo
    • Kaka
    • Roberto Carlos
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    Who was the Founder of Bavarian Illuminati?

    • Adam Weishaupt
    • George Soros
    • Alex Jones
    • Roy Moore
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    Diseases like HIV and Ebola are alleged to be created by which organisation?

    • FBI
    • CIA
    • RAW
    • ISI
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    Which famous personalities has been alleged to be a symbolic figure of Antichrist

    • Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Hoffa
    • Donald Trump and Putin
    • Barrack Obama and Hitler
    • Benjamin Franklin and John F Kennedy
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    Which Airport, twice the size of Manhattan City, is filled with conspiracy theories?

    • Orlando International Airport
    • Denver International Airport
    • George Bush Intercontinental Airport
    • Cairo International Airport

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