Top 10 trivia for Kota factory fans

Are you guys eagerly waiting for the season 2 of Kota factory? So, get ready to relive the nostalgic moments of the OG series from Kota Factory!

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    Where does Vaibhav plan to take his coaching in the beginning of the series?

    • Maheshwari Classes
    • Prodigy
  • Question of

    What was Shivangi preparing for ?

    • JEE
    • NEET
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    What did Meena often put a bet on ?

    • Kachodi
    • Cigarette
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    Where does Minal aspire to study engineering?

    • Canada
    • USA
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    Why did Uday come to Kota?

    • Parental Pressure
    • Peer Pressure
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    How does Vartika meet Vaibhav?

    • Prodigy Classes
    • Practical Classes
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    To which batch did Jeetu Bhaiya promote Vaibhav ?

    • A5
    • A4
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    Which coaching insitution’s form does Vaibhav accidentally fill up to be with Vartika?

    • Maheshwari Classes
    • Aggarwal Classes
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    What did Vaibhav initially suffer from?

    • Piles
    • Constipation
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    Which subject was considered an exception in itself?

    • Inorganic chemistry
    • Mechanics

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