Top Ten Questions For The Fans Of WWE

If you spent your childhood and teenage days watching WWE on TV, this is the quiz for you. Check whether you know the wrestlers too well, starting from Randy Orton’s RKO to Brock Lesnar’s Suplex City!

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    When did the first WrestleMania happen?

    • 1985
    • 1990
    • 1960
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    Which female WWE wrestler’s first cousin is Snoop Dogg?

    • Becky Lynch
    • Sasha Banks
    • Charlotte Flair
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    Which wrestler’s cousin brother is The Rock/Dwayne Johnson?

    • Roman Reigns
    • Seth Rollins
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    Which wrestler’s nickname is “The Beast Incarnate”?

    • Demon Kane
    • Roman Reigns
    • Brock Lesnar
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    The Great Khali had his debut match in WWE Smackdown against which wrestler?

    • Shawn Michaels
    • Undertaker
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    Which two WWE wrestlers had broken the ring while wrestling in 2011 in the World Heavyweight Championship?

    • Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker
    • Mark Henry and The Big Show
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    Which famous wrestler quit WWE to become a writer for Marvel Comics?

    • Batista
    • The Rock
    • CM Punk
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    How many ring names does The Undertaker have?

    • 8
    • 10
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    Which popular WWE wrestler chants “Yes” with the audience after entering the ring?

    • Dolph Ziggler
    • Daniel Bryan
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    In which two wrestler’s match did the WWE event hold the most number of people?

    • Steve Austin Vs. Vince Mcmahon
    • The Rock Vs. Triple H
    • Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre The Giant

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