Trivia on the olympic game

The olympic game is a mega international event where more than 200 countries participate in a variety of sports. Check out this quiz and get a glimpse of the Olympics in-depth

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    Which year did the Modern Olympics start?

    • 1896 CE
    • 1642 CE
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    Which organization manages the Olympic Games?

    • Olympic Club International
    • International Olympic Commitee
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    Who holds the record for the most Olympic Gold medals won by an athlete?

    • Michael Phelps
    • Mark Spitz
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    To which Greek God was the ancient Olympic Games dedicated?

    • Apollo
    • Zeus
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    Who was the first recorded Olympic champion?

    • Coroebus Of Elis
    • Milo Of Croton
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    Where was the first Olympic village built?

    • Athens
    • Los Angeles
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    For which sport did Abhinav Bindra win the first individual gold medal for India?

    • 10 Meter Air Rifle
    • 50 Meter Air Rifle
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    How many times has London hosted the Olympic Games?

    • 2
    • 3
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    Who designed the Olympic flag?

    • Pierre De Coubertin
    • William Penny Brookes
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    Who was responsible for the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games bombing?

    • Eric Rudolph
    • George Metesky

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