What level of crazy have you become in lockdown?

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    How much have your culinary skills improved?

    • I’m eligible to compete with a Michelin star chef.
    • Enough for me to survive alone
    • They are the same
    • I somehow even burn my toast
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    According to you what percentage of your body fluids is sanitizer.

    • I am the sanitizer and the sanitizer is me
    • My hands no longer absorb sanitizer
    • Maybe 10%
    • I’m all about washing my hands with soap and water.
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    What is the date today?

    • I no longer believe in the concepts of date.
    • Someday in 2020
    • I at least know a new year has started
    • Its 22nd of February
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    How many kilos have you gained?

    • Do you mean to say I’m fat?!?!
    • Its rude to ask someone’s weight
    • Maybe a few kilos
    • I am as fit as pre lockdown
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    How many online classes have you bunked?

    • I don’t even know what we are supposed to study
    • I just connect for attendance
    • sometimes maybe
    • I am loyal to my studies
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    What would be your reaction to “lockdown extended for 2 months starting tomorrow?”

    • I no longer care , I have evolved into this situation
    • It’s time to rebel
    • What? Not again!
    • I knew it, I forecasted it.
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    How many used masks are lying around your house?

    • I could start an orphanage for them.
    • May be 8 to 10
    • No used masks in house
    • That reminds me I need to buy new masks.
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    What is your binge watch record?

    • I watch till I drop.
    • I can complete a season in a sitting.
    • 5 to 6 episodes
    • I don’t have time to binge watch
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    What are your thoughts on lockdown grocery shopping?

    • It’s time for war!
    • I don’t think I will get anything this time also
    • It’s time to plan
    • People have just gone crazy for no reason.
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    Lastly, what comes in your mind after listening the word lockdown?

    • A zombie apocalypse would be better; at least we would have some action.
    • Imprisonment for another month
    • Time to chill
    • It will pass.

Written by Naaz

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