What’s your opinion about Odisha and How much do you love the state?


Odisha- famous for having the city of temples and worldwide famous dishes, is also known for it’s tourist places. Let’s see, what’s your opinion about Odisha and how much do you love the state.

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    While in Odisha, which sea beach would you choose?

    • Chandrabhaga sea beach
    • Gopalpur sea beach
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    Which temple would you like to visit?

    • Puri
    • Dwitiya Srikhetra
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    Which food as breakfast would you like to have at Odisha?

    • Rice vada
    • Dahivada
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    Which food would you like to have as lunch while at Odisha?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Which sweet would you prefer as dessert when at Odisha?

    • Rasabali
    • Rasgulla
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    Which curry do you think is more likely to be of your tastebud?

    • Fish rai
    • Maccha besar
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    Which dance form would you likely to see or learn at Odisha?

    • Odissi
    • Chhauu nritya
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    When travelling places at Odisha, which sweet dish do you think would attract your tastebud more?

    • Chhenapoda (paneer cake)
    • Gajja

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