21 Facts about Charminar Hyderabad

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The Charminar Hyderabad was built by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591. It has a square-shaped structure with four pillars. It was built in honor of his wife. There was no logical reason for building Charminar. It is still not clear.

21 Facts about Charminar Hyderabad

1. Background about Charminar

Charminar the name itself spells a charm. There are various theories behind it. Which are basically from various information collected from various sources. After studying all this information some of the theories tolerate natural death.

2. Description of its four pillars

Charminar, which means four pillars. It was built as a monument or mosque. Which later on turned to become an overall icon for Hyderabad. The literal meaning of the word Charminar is “Four towers”.

3. Importance of this Minar

The monument was built to celebrate the end of the plague disease in Hyderabad during the late 16th century. It is believed that the city of Hyderabad was built on the basis of a miracle.

4. Centre of the city

It is considered to be the center of Hyderabad city. And there is some logical reason behind it. It has some reason behind it. The city was planned according to its grid pattern. The city has designed and had two roads going east-west and north-south.

5. Charminar’s age

The age of this historical monument is more than 450 years. Charminar is one of the earliest monuments in India. Nowadays also this famous monument is standing still on its own.

6. Tourist attraction

It has both historical and religious significance. It is one of the most remarkable tourist attractions in this famous place. In Hyderabad due to its local and popular markets surrounding the structure. It is also a site of many festivals celebrated since it’s the main mosque of the city Makkah and the masjid across the road.

7. Was built to celebrate the end plague

It was built that King Quli Qutub Shah constructed a Charminar to celebrate the end of the plague epidemic in memory of Queen Bhagmati. Which was the symbol of love and affection.

8. There is a secret underground tunnel that links Charminar and Golconda fort

It is believed earlier that there is a secret underground tunnel in the monument but no one knows where it is exactly located. The hole is supposed to connect Charminar and Golconda Fort.

9. It was the first multi-storied building in Hyderabad

Not only charminar is it one of the stunning monuments in Hyderabad but also the first multi-storied building built in Hyderabad. It was also considered the first multi-storied building which was built with ancient features.

10. It has four arches

There are only four main domes of this monument. The small dome on the main side of this dome is also four. Each minaret is again and again divided into four parts. The number of galleries found at different stages is also four. There are four entrances to this monument.

11. Different religions coexist peacefully

The monument indicates how different religions can coincide peacefully in one place. It is one of the interesting facts that the Makkah masjid mosque and also a Bhagyalakshmi temple can create a symbol of religious and cultural harmony in the city.

12. Structure and Architecture

Let’s talk about the structure and architecture of this monument. Which is built with granite and lime concrete and the special marble which weighs about 14000 tons a piece. It has a square-shaped structure with each side 20 meters long.

13. It is the iconic landmark of the South Indian city of Hyderabad

This monument became known globally as a symbol of Hyderabad and is listed among the most recognized structures in India. In Charminar also we can celebrate many festivals together like Eid-ul fitr, Eid-ul Adha, etc.

14. Necessary part of Telangana

Charminar is one of the crucial and necessary parts of Telangana that the government has built as the state’s symbol.

15. Remarkable history

The most remarkable history of Charminar is a mosque on the top floor of more than 400 years.

16. History of Charminar

This minar was created by the fifth ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty. This monument marks the newly formed city of Hyderabad which was made the capital of the state.

17. Celebrate the Muslim era

Muslims from all over the world celebrate the second phase of the Muslim era.

18. City’s heart

from the landscape of the Charminar, You can notice that it is built in the heart of the city. It has a turf design near the monument that also has two significant roads that they interact with and runs through from east-west and north-south.

19. Victory over the plague

Another important purpose of building the monument is to Mark the end of the deadly plague. When the disease came to an end. The king Qutub Shah decided to construct this stunning monument.

20. Structure of the monument

If you look at the age and structure of the monument. The structure is still strong and rigid.

21. Secret passageways

According to the old forms of the stories and myths. Most people say that the several passageways it inside the monument lead to an important part. There are various stories about treasures buried under and hidden in a passage. But to date, there are no such findings by the Assistant sub-inspector related to this monument.


Hyderabad has many famous monuments like Charminar Golkunda fort, Purani haveli, Tombs of Qutub Shahi kings, etc. There are a number of such monuments that are not only historically famous but also It has religious significance.

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