15 Facts About the Color Red

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Colors often affect our psychology and the way we perceive things. Every color has a different impact on our minds and triggers varied emotions within us. Here comes the color of blood and love with its 5 Facts and branding with Red.

15 Facts About the Color Red

1. Animals that are Orange yet considered red.

Have you observed closely? The red Robin is actually orange. In the past, there wasn’t any existence of the color orange in the English language until the 16th century, which is why the bird was called red. There are many other animals/ birds that were considered red when actually the color was orange including the red squirrel, the red kite bird also the red fox.

2. It’s a myth that red color makes the bull angry.

Well, I know it through the movies,that waving red cloth in front of the bull makes them run after you. Just for the information they don’t have an aversion for the color red, actually they cannot see this color at all. It’s the movement that charges the bull at bullfighters and not the Cape color that agitates the bull into charging.

3. Black roses that are actually red.

As a known fact, there is no such color as black in the roses. The color that they have is because they are dyed

4. Wearing red is considered essential and attractive.

In India, it is the considered color for the bride’s to be worn on their wedding day. It not only makes them look attractive but they also represent love, good fortune and prosperity. Going on a date? Try wearing red and see the atmosphere it sets for you. You’ll have full attention and also they tend to appreciate you when you are in red.

5. Red appears to be closer than it actually is

Have you read, ‘Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’? Similarly for red, the color seems to be closer but it actually is far off than we know. As it has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum,it appears closer. That is why it is used for signs in an alarming situation. When it’s red you know it’s a ‘no’, or ‘danger’, it is telling you to pay attention.

6. Lobsters turn red after cooking them thoroughly

Technically Lobsters generate two special molecules and one of them being able to change to the color red. When this specific molecule is released it changes to red and color and gives the chef a signal that is perfectly cooked and it’s ready to be consumed. To mention it can also turn to distinct red if heated to a specific time. This is where we get to choose the distinct red or the dark red while consuming the lobster.

7. Rarest hair color: Red

Specifying the percentage from the entire world population only
1 to 2% of the special genes cause it to be the rarest of red, in terms of natural hair color. This is due to genetic mutation. Nevertheless, people who are prone to have red hair or we call them the Redheads are prone to pain, sunburns, and skin cancer. Because their bodies don’t naturally develop the Vitamin D it requires to stay healthy.

8. Red wine and fine dining

Among the variants of wine, Red wine the Cabernet Sauvignon is considered to be the most popular type in the world. Made with full-bodies red grapes, it is planted in the country of France known as the Bordeaux region. One of the commonly served drinks with the food to bring out its rich aromatic flavors.

9. Brands prefer Red

The iconic color red is used in branding and marketing on a large scale. We know red as a positive and negative color both, but when it comes to standing out it shows its significance. Because all the company’s goal is to grab people’s attention so there’s red doing what it’s best at. Advertisement uses red to highlight its different emotions like happiness, joy, excitement, power, action, excitement that it can evoke among the people. It can make your brand or break your brand. Some brands keep this color for the ‘order now’ button to grab quick attention and stand out from the options.

10. Coca-Cola red for excitement

You must be aware that Coca-Cola is a well-recognised brand all around the world. They uses red as their tool to generate excitement among the people as well as spreading happiness with their product. Red is the most common color in the food and beverage industry, as it generates hunger and enhances metabolism for the people.

11. Red Bull red for energy

It is spot on with the color red to evoke the emotions of energy and in increasing your heart rate. And the tagline itself says energy drink. So it makes it obvious for the consumers that it’s an energy drink and it directly grabs your attention with the color.

12. YouTube red for engagement

YouTube is a famous platform to share people’s passion with the world. That urge to play YouTube is because of the color that makes you press the button and play their video. Perfect balance of the color is what generates a sense of excitement. Also it is compelling people into action and engaging them into YouTube channels.

13. Colgate red for gums

We might think this color isn’t the perfect choice for a toothpaste company, but let’s focus on the message it wants to spread. It is focusing on our health and vitality and red is doing its part in grabbing attention towards our health. Also the color combination of red and white suggests the colors of our teeth and gums.

14. Adobe red for power

One of the well-known professional platforms in the tech landscape for designers. The red color logo stands for the power that it has in changing the world with its digital experience and the sense of energy it wants to produce to the people while using this platform. It produces applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign that associate passion and willpower.

15. Tesla red for passion

Red is widely considered as a noticeable color that is associated with passion. And when it comes to the automotive world it seems to be a great option to show the ambition behind it. Tesla chose a dark shade of red to capture the attention of the people and show them the unique creation that it has to offer the world.

Conclusion :

Red is used all around in this competitive world. One of the best colors to capture the hearts, minds, and attention of people while generating emotions. It has its way in forging stronger connections with the color red that is used anywhere. May it be the clothes you wear, the products you use or the brands that you see. You can be successful in the goals that you set, only when you use this color in the right proportion needed. Without letting the emotion of anger or danger get in the way.

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