9 Facts about Twin Tower

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As the name suggests the twin tower is the two identical towers with 88 storey tall skyscrapers. It is also known as Petronas Towers or KLCC Towers.

9 Facts about Twin Tower

1. North and South tower

As there are two identical towers they are distinguished by the north tower and the south tower. The north tower is the first world trade center and the south tower is a second world center

It was the tallest tower till 1970

The twin tower was 1368 ft and 1362ft tall which made it the tallest building till 1970. It is taller than the Eiffel Tower in France and the Empire State. There is 110 stories each and its covered by 43056 square area. The north tower is bigger than the south tower

2. Daredevil act of Philippe Petit between the tower

In 1974 Philippe Petit performed the high-wire walk between twin towers. The wire was at the height of 1350 ft . The walk was 131 ft long. He also mentioned that if I see two towers, I have to walk. There was a crowd one hour before to see his performance. After this, he was arrested for his act but soon released after some time.

3. Robberies fire and bombs

There is a history of robberies fire and bombs at the Twin tower. The 11 September 2001 attack was an ending of Twin tower but before that it survived many attacks like a 1993 bomb in the parking which led to injuries people more than 1000

Also 1975 there was a fire that broke into the 11th-floor

After that, the Twin Towers witnessed a robbery of 1.6 million USD from the Bank of America which is there in the North Tower.

4. The uniqueness of the tower

The concept of the tube within the tube made the tower eccentric. This structure helped in more open-plan floors without the columns. This made the towers very spacious and can adopt flexible design.

5. Expenses for the construction of the tower

the construction of the Twin tower cost over more than 900 million dollars considering inflation today. the tower is just so costly and time-consuming. the original budget for the towers was 350 million USD dollars posted by the port authorities but later this figure increased because of their newest and the uniqueness of the tower in the construction.

6. Dishearten towards the tower

In 1964 when the project was proposed there was a committee for a reasonable World Trade Center that criticized the tower due to its size and the structure of the tower. They didn’t think that the towers could be economical and realistically successful.

7. The control of the south tower

The South Tower controlled the top floor of the North Tower through the operation controlled center which is situated in the basement of the South Tower. At the top floor of the north tower, there was a radio and tv transmission. When the building collapsed in transferred to the Alpine Tower.

8. The attraction of the tower.

In order to make the tower famous, the north tower had the

Established a restaurant named Window of the World. The restaurant had a view of Manhattan from 106 and 107 floors for an extra ordinated experience.

There was major damage after the bombing in 1993 but then rebuilt again with a budget of 25 million USD.

9. Act of George Willig

George Willig had a great achievement in 1977 when he scaled outside the south tower for more than four hours which created history. But due to this act, the authorities were not very amused. He received a lot of media attention. Due to this, he got fined up to 250000 USD. But then it dropped to 1.10 cents for stories. After this act, he was known to be a ‘human fly’.


With all the history fact there is no doubt that the Twin Towers are unique in their own. The Twin Towers has experienced a lot of things but has remained one of the most famous buildings in history.

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