25 Facts about Mysore

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Mysore is situated at the foothills of Chamundi hills about 145 km southwest of Bangalore spread over 152 km.

25 Facts about Mysore

1. One of the first planned cities of India

Mysore is one of the finest cities in Asia and has a planned development. Today Mysore is the second largest city of Karnataka after Bangalore.

2. Karanji Lake:-( the largest lake in Karnataka)

It is established at the foot of the famous Chamundi hills. This lake is approximately 90 acres of water body. Which serves as a home to many varieties of birds who are migrating from one place to another. It is the biggest bird sanctuary in India.

3. Mysore zoo(Oldest zoo in India)

it is also known as the Palace Zoo. It was created in 1892 by Maharaja Shri chamaraja wodeyar. It is one of the biggest and oldest in India. It is one of the reputed to be a very well-maintained zoo with a variety of birds, animals, reptiles, and many more.

4. Mysore palace(Architecture mosaic)

The Uniqueness of this palace lies in the combination of architectural styles in it.

The primary British influenced by the Indo architecture have held the shades of Hindu, Mughal, and Rajput and they gave them a style of their own.

5. 500 years under the Wodeyars(The royal family)

The Wodeyars family is the Hindu family that ruled the kingdom of Mysore for more than about 500 years. The Wodeyars are the few recent families that have ruled for such a long time in India.

6. Railway museum

You can experience a very different kind of museum visit as you walk into the Mysore railway museum. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions places in Mysore. This museum displays vintage iron houses and lorries. Some of them are still in working forms.

7. St. Philomena’s Church

one of the tallest churches in India) Clearly, Mysore is famous for its churches and architecture. Next in the list of interesting facts, it is the pure size of Saint Philomena’s Church. It is built in Gothic style. It is one of the largest holy places in South Asia.

8. Lalitha Mahal Hotel (Royal interiors)

This hotel was initially built to serve as a guest house for the royal family. This set of Lalita Mahal is very different from the other places in Mysore. The interior of this palace gives us a classy decor.

9. The story behind the legendary Mysore park

Mysore, it is one of the most popular speeches to come out of South India. This was invented in the royal kitchen of the Mysore Palace in the early 19th century. It was officially selected as the Royal sweet of Mysore.

10. Sandalwoods of course!

any information about Mysore is not complete without a reference to sandalwoods. Interestingly, this icon of the Mysore sandal soap was created out of compulsion when sandalwoods packed up due to an export post World War First and had to be utilized.

11. The name Mysore is an Anglicized version

Mysore original name is Mahishuru. The legend says that the place was ruled by the Demon Mahishasura. Goddess Chamundeshwari killed the Demon to protect the people and today Chamundeshwari temple atop Chamundi Hills is a popular place.

12. Karnataka was earlier known as Mysore

On November first in 1956, a unified state of Karnataka was formed. Till the year 1973, the state was called as Mysore. On 1st November 1973. Then, it was decided to name the state as Karnataka.

13. The city was the first to get a university

Mysore University is one of the oldest and finest universities which was started in Karnataka.

14. Homeland of many celebrities

Very popular personalities from different Kannada actors Vishnuvardhan, Ambareesh, the writer U. R Anantha Murthy, cartoonist RK Laxman, Infosys founder N.R Narayana Murthy, cricketer Jawagal Shrinath, etc all are from Mysore.

15. The only manufacturer of Indian election Ink

Mysore is the only place that manufactures ink(which is marked on the finger) which is used in the Indian elections.

16. Cleanest city in the country

Mysore maintains a very good hygiene system. It is voted as the very cleanest city in India.

17. First WiFi-enabled city in India

Mysore was the first Wi-Fi-enabled city in India in the year 2010. Only the second to Paradise in the world.

18. The most famous Dasara is 400 years Old

Mysore Dasara festival is celebrated over 10 days during the month of September/October. The ritual was started by King Raja Wodeyar I in 1610. Today all this festival is organized by the Karnataka Government and still, it is celebrated in glory.

19. The original Mysore Palace got burnt

In one of the fire accidents the Amba Vilas Palace was completely burnt in the year 1897. Later a bigger and pleasant palace was constructed on the same site.

20. Mysore Zoo is the third oldest in India

Please one of the popular tourist attractions in India. It is one of the oldest zoos in India. It was earlier called the Palace Zoo. And this area had the summer mansion of chamaraja wodeyar.

21. Mysore Medical College

MMC(Mysore Medical College) is the first medical college in Karnataka. It is popularly known as the cultural capital of Karnataka.

22. First radio station in India

Mysore was the home to the first private radio station in India. The official name of All India Radio Akashvani is the contribution of Mysore.

23. It has India’s first intelligent transport system.

24. India’s first toilet for transgenders was started in Mysore.

25. Mysuru station

It is one of the most visited stations in India. It is the first blind-friendly station in India.


We have seen the detailed information about Mysore, which is situated in southern India. The ordinary people of Mysore are known for their peaceful attitude. It is one of the cleanest cities.

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