13 Facts about Manushi Chillar

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In the year 2017, Manushi Chillar made our country proud when she was crowned the Miss World in China’s Sanya City Arena. The country got the pageant back in 2000 which was awarded to Priyanka Chopra and returned back again to our nation in 17 years. The beauty of Haryana made everyone crazy with her personality, intellectual ability, style statement, confidence, and captivating looks. It’s not just the good looks that made her Miss World but there is more to her. Let’s get to know her better.

13 Facts about Manushi Chillar

1. Family of doctors

The lady has a medical background as her mother is a neurochemistry doctor and applied science. Her father is a renowned scientist and she herself has completed her MBBS for which she migrated from Haryana to medical college in Mumbai.

2. Multi-talented

She continues to be a doctor by profession but is also an actor, a painter, a swimmer, a poet, and a classical dancer.

3. Adventure lover

It’s not just dressing up and modeling that intrigues this lady but also snorkeling, paragliding, and bungee jumping.

4. Education background

She completed her studies at Bengaluru and Delhi St. Thomas School. She scored 96% and topped her CBSE English exam in class 12. She completed her MBBS from Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College for women in Sonepat.

5. The journey

The dream of being the Miss World someday began with a campus princess. In the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, she was spotted by the Miss India organization during s college fest back in December 2016.

6. More success

She won Miss Femina India in 2017. She also bagged the position of co-winner of Miss World’s Beauty with a Purpose competition. She remains to be the first Indian to win Miss World and Miss World Beauty with a purpose jointly.

7. The winning answer

“Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?” The answer that Manushi gave to this one got her all hearts and made her win the prestigious title of Miss World. She replied by saying that a mother deserves the highest salary not just in terms of money but respect and love too. She even mentioned how her mother has been her biggest inspiration.

8. The training

Neha Dhupia, the winner of Femina Miss India 2002 personally trained her for the contest. For a long period of time she was trained by Alesia Raut the supermodel who is the official ramp walk trainer of Miss India Universe pageant and Femina Miss India.

9. Steps for change

For her beauty with a purpose, she chose to support Project Shakti. In this, she spread awareness of menstrual hygiene by visiting 20 villages where she spoke to almost 5,000 women about the issue. She even has a dream to open a nonprofit hospital in rural areas.

10. The achievement

PETA recognized her as the ‘Sexiest Vegetarian Personality ‘ in India in the year 2019. She even urges people to follow a vegetarian diet as a campaign to celebrate Earth Day.

11. Movie role

It’s likely that she would be seen starring opposite Vicky Kaushal in the real role in a comedy movie called The Great Indian Family. She even made a guest appearance in the Super Nights with Padman to spread the word about menstrual hygiene. This was in association with the movie Padman which had Akshay Kumar as its lead hero.

12. Most searched

In the period of 2017, Manushi Chillar topped the list of the most trending personalities searched on Google.

13. Next successor

In the year 2018, Manushi crowned her successor Vanessa Ponce of Mexico as the Miss World 2018.

The above information proves that beauty with brains does exist. She for sure has the looks to be where she is and what she has achieved but above that she even has the witt, confidence, and attitude to have it all. She brings in good cause as her key meaning to life and wishes to make a difference in the lives of several others.

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