13 Facts about Mary Kom

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The very famous boxer of India is known for her talent and hard work which got her several awards in the field of sports. The female boxer never gave up on her career even after her pregnancy she came back as a fighter in the ring. She has been the first female boxer to win each of the seven World championships. The story of her life comes from a tiny town in Manipur, India the lady climbed all the peaks of success and even had a biopic made on her named “Mary Kom” in which Priyanka Chopra played her role.

13 Facts about Mary Kom

1. Animal activist

She stands firm for the protection of the animals. Her beliefs don’t allow harming animals in any way; this makes her a supporter of the welfare of animals. Harming animals for our entertainment is strictly prohibited by her.

2. The first lady

In 2012 she was the first female boxer to enter the Olympics from India. This happened after her success in the 2012 AIBA championship which got her the ticket to enter the tournament.

3. Real supporter

Since 2007 she started providing free training to underprivileged girls. As she was the one who followed her passion no matter how hard the condition was. So she decided to provide free classes for the backward girls under whole own training centre MC Mary Kom, academy Imphal which is in her hometown.

4. The power of motherhood

Being a mother didn’t stop her from pursuing her career ahead instead made her stronger. Post-pregnancy people started to question her boxing career ahead but she proved everyone wrong with her strong spirit.

5. Magnificent Mary

The name isn’t given to her by any fan or media platform but it’s what she has received from the Boxing association. Her phenomenal performance in the 2007, International Amateur Boxing Association made her a perfect fit for this nickname.

6. Starving days

Being a boxer needs quite a good diet for all the energy Loss you have in the ring. But for five consecutive years, Mary didn’t have enough on the table to satisfy this need. But she fought against hunger and gave a tough fight to life and it’s hardships.

7. Education wasn’t the first preference

She quit school in grade 7 to devote more time to boxing practice. Later after becoming a professional boxer she got back on her studies and completed her graduation from Churachadpur College.

8. Initially Lacked family support

During her early days, her parents didn’t support the idea of becoming a boxer as it was an unconventional sport at that time. Her dad was a poor farmer and she even got scolded when her winning story appeared in the newspaper.

9. Amateur Boxer

She never had boxed professionally. Even lacking experience didn’t come in her way to becoming a successful amateur Boxer. She was awarded the Padma Bhushan for being the first amateur sportsperson.

10. Printed stories

“Unbreakable” which was an autobiography about Mary Kom was co-written by Harper Collins and Dina Serto in 2013. “The Good Night Stories” has a chapter on Mary kom can be found in the children’s book. This is a book which contains short stories about female role models.

11. The politician

In 2016, the Indian president proposed the idea of Mary being elected as a member of the Rajya Sabha, which is the upper house of the Indian parliament.

12. Carrier of the queen’s Baton

During the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010, Mary Kom was chosen for being the Queen’s Baton which was hosted by India in Delhi.

13. Married her best friend

She married a Footballer named Karung onkholer, Karung was really helpful to her when they met in a train when her luggage was stolen. This friendship further turned into love. The couple dated for four years and later got married.

In the age where females are harassed every second, it’s the need of the hour to learn some kind of physical defense and this is what Mary Kom does at her institute where she trains the girls to stand up for themselves and fight their own battles.

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