20 Facts about Meenakshi Temple Madurai

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It is a historic Hindu Temple located on the Sadan Bank of the Vaigai river in the temple city of Madurai. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Meenakshi, which means a form of “Shakti”.

20 Facts about Meenakshi Temple Madurai

1. Famous religious destination

“Meenakshi Amman temple” is popularly known as Madurai temple. It is a very famous religious destination in Tamil Nadu. Is the largest temple built in Tamilnadu.

2. One among the seven wonders of India

Recently, this temple has been tagged as the seven wonders of India. Along with the impressive other monuments like the Taj Mahal.

3. 33,000 sculptures

There are over 33000 sculptures in the remarkable temple complex of Meenakshi Amman temple.

4. Architecture of the temple

The temple is built using the Dravidian South Indian style of architecture. Because it is one of the most stunning temple structures in India.

5. Gopurams

The temple has a total of 12 gopurams. Out of which four major ones are facing the four directions. There are mainly four inner Gopuram also that act as an entrance to this place. These Gopurams are heavily carved and are reorganized and cleaned every 12 years.

6. Hall of a thousand pillars

It is considered as a wonderful piece of architecture. It is believed to be built out of a single rock. There are many ancient paintings which are there inside the museum of the temple. Only this part of the temple is open for visitors and devotees. As we all know, this is the largest hall in the temple.

7. The idol of Meenakshi

it is a form of the goddess Parvati. The Meenakshi Idol has three breasts as Meenakshi was born with the three breasts. As it was believed earlier that she was blessed that the third breast will vanish if once met the right man in her life. Lord Shiva was a form of Lord Sundareswarar. The meaning of Meenakshi is fisheye.

8. Sundareswarar temple

only temple which is dedicated to Lord Sundareswarar, which has mainly 5 towers. The first one is given to Lord Meenakshi. Whereas in the other temples respects are given to the male members first.

9. Golden Lotus Pond

there is one pound which is there in the Meenakshi temple. Which is also called the Lotus Golden Pond. The amazing fact about this pond is that the lotus flower which grows here features gold.

10. Restoration work

This Temple grows through a periodic restoration after every 12 years. This process is done as a ritual. When the sculptures of deities are repaired and reconstructed. As per all the records this is done to make sure that the grandeur of the temple lasts forever.

11. The temple was built by Indra Deva and it was rebuilt by Vishwanath Nayak

According to the great wise man, The temple is located at the center of the city. It is trusted to have been built by Indra Deva. Meenakshi temple sculptures that were manually made. This are referred as Shilpa Shasta.

12. The temple has a magnificent architectural style

one of the great features of the temple is It is architecture which is designed with sculptures of Ancient text. It is built using Dravidian architecture. Which is the Hindi style of architecture that is very common in the Southern states of India.

13. The Chithirai Thiruvizha

It is a very famous Tamil Nadu festival. This festival is formally known as Chitirai festival. This festival is Celebrated in April. It attracts more than 1 million visitors around the world. This festival is critical in and attracts the Hindu sects which also build the town’s economy.

14. The temple attracts more than 15000 visitors in a day

This is one of the largest and oldest complexes in India. That makes it popular throughout history. This temple has a rich history and it has a religious importance. Thus, this makes this Temple cherished where people come to worship.

15. According to mythology

According to ancient mythology, Lord Shiva came down to earth in the form of Sundareswarar to marry Meenakshi who is the Goddess of Parvati and answers to the king of Madurai.

16. Temple complex

This temple is the largest of its kind in India and also one of the oldest temples. This temple was also mentioned in Tamilnadu literature. And it was destroyed by one famous Muslim named Invader Malik kafur in 1310. Or it was rebuilt by Madurai’s great ruler.

17. Area of the temple

let’s talk about the area of the temple in detail:- the entire temple occupies around 45 acres of each side having an entrance of its own. There are 4 gateways of the temple but the south one is the tallest. It is about 52 m. This temple is also famous for the Meenakshi festival.

18. Significance and worship

Meenakshi is the main goddess of the temple. This Temple tells the importance of the women in a Tamil Nadu family. The Sundareswarar temple is one-fifth of the Pancha Sabai, Where Lord Shiva is believed to have performed the cosmic dance. Worship mainly involves rituals and processions.

19. Festivals

Apart from the main festivals which is basically the wedding ceremonies of the goddesses. A number of other festivals are also performed in the temple. Some of these include “Vasantham Festival”. Each of these festivals has its own importance and it is celebrated in various months throughout the whole year. This Temple also celebrates the “Navratri festival”. During the festival, the temple displays colorful dolls which are co cooperatively called “Gollu”.

20. Mandapams

The temple also has numerous pillars which are known as mandapams. These halls are built by various Kings and they serve as a resting place for all the worshippers. There are many types of mandapams.


The Meenakshi temple is considered as the physical center of Madurai as well as the economical spiritual and mystical heart. And it is devoted to the goddess Meenakshi. This temple was mentioned in the 6th-century texts. It has a rich historical background.

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