50 Facts about Sagittarius

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The people born between November 23 to December 21 are considered to be this sun sign. Their nature remains to be of an extrovert and they always seek adventures. Probably great risk-takers, who turn out to be extremely fearless. Not only this they even love to keep things simple, what’s on their mind will be on their tongue. With a great combination of wit and humor, they become the life of every party they are in. Let’s now get deeper into knowing these people.

50 Facts about Sagittarius

1. Your opinions wouldn’t change them from being themselves, they are not ass kissers.

2. They never regret their past but only the time they wasted on the wrong people.

3. When it comes to love, they won’t say it out loud about it but would actually show it through their actions.

4. They focus on two key things: to live a good life and to bring change.

5. They never cry about little things. But when they do it’s a build-up of a million little things that they can’t hold on to anymore.

6. Being accused of something they never did is what makes them really sad.

7. Their views don’t change over time. It remains the same now and even tomorrow.

8. They feel quite a lot inside but never bring those emotions out as they feel unheard by others.

9. They only open up emotionally with the people whom they find to be worthy enough.

10. As a friend they can be a combination of a philosopher and a comedian too.

11. They might be flirting around but they are damn loyal.

12. Sagittarius might be tolerating all the other things but cheaters and not one of them.

13. They like to be surrounded by people who push them to be better each day.

14. “Me time” matters to them so sometimes they might need space from their family, friends, and romantic partners too.

15. Body language and tone of voice are going to be minutely observed when you are around a Sagittarius.

16. They can easily find out the real intentions of the people they come across.

17. They believe that when things are meant to be they will happen.

18. They will only cover their emotions under a mask. You won’t know a thing unless they feel like telling you.

19. They have great observation skills.

20. They are the sweetest unless you try and piss them off.

21. They are the most straightforward, honest, and open signs among all the zodiac signs.

22. There are multiple thoughts running in their mind which is the reason they stay up late most often.

23. Being stuck in the same monotonous routine for the rest of their lives is their biggest fear.

24. They always win every argument.

25. Being weak is never a trait you could spot in a Sagittarius.

26. Getting their point across, remaining positive in a bad situation and mixing sarcasm with humor are the things they are pretty good at.

27. They constantly keep planning for their future.

28. Surrounding themselves with people who are trustworthy and like-minded is what they like.

29. They are extremely caring but lack the ability to show it hence you need to read between the lines.

30. If they love you, then you are the luckiest person alive.

31. They are great at giving advice but would rarely follow it themselves.

32. Their best work happens under pressure as often they keep procrastinating.

33. They hate people who are too nosy, overprotective, and controlling all the time.

34. Sagittarius likes to be there for people when they need them the most.

35. If you see them crying or expressing their emotions around you consider yourself damn lucky as they never show their weak side to anyone.

36. They have great memories so don’t be shocked when they bring up something from ages ago just to prove their point.

37. Sagittarius when upset becomes ruthless and the last thing they care about is your feelings.

38. They will try enough but once they are done they are done. Then they just leave with no fights, no arguments, no goodbyes.

39. They will like you or they won’t. That depends on your vibes and stuff.

40. Though they are extremely lively at all times their lives still remain private.

41. To keep themselves from hurting they tend to stay away from people.

42. They are the kind of people everyone needs as they make everyone laugh around them.

43. Sagittarius has a lot of wisdom and spreads it around to the people they surround with.

44. They are generally of two kinds: one who wishes to do their own thing, another who would never leave your side.

45. They always stand up for what they believe in as they have strength and power.

46. They are optimistic in nature and would rather focus on the answers instead of the problems.

47. If all the Sagittarius come together for a party, then it would be sexy, fun and naughty.

48. A combination of rebel, Daredevils, adventurers, dynamic, inquisitive and full of spirit is what the Sagittarius are.

49. They hate to see people suffer.

50. They are clever in getting what they want.

Just the kind of people who are the life of every party and who easily tend to impress people with their humor and wit. Being honest and straightforward is what makes them different from other zodiac signs.

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