13 Facts about Saif Ali Khan

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The actor has been in the movie industry for more than 30 years now. Saif is the son of the very famous cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan and actress Sharmila Tagore. He generally loves to go for characters that are a bit different than the stereotypical roles. Not just on big screens but the actor now steps into OTT for various web series and movies too. Let’s get to know a little more about the Pataudhi prince.

13 Facts about Saif Ali Khan

1. Hobbies

The Nawab has some great hobbies to spend his leisure time. We all know how fond Saif is of reading but he does have an inclination towards graphic novels. Also, he invests his time in playing guitar and traveling as well.

2. Education

His schooling is completed at the Lawrence School Sanawar from Himachal Pradesh. But later he moved to the UK for his higher education at Lockers Park School and Winchester College.

3. Late taste to success

Parampara in 1993 was its first debut film. His other two movies which were a box office success were Yeh Dilagi and Main Khiladi tu Anari which had Akshay Kumar in it.

4. Another Sister

We all know that Soha Ali Khan is Saif’s younger sister but not just her but Saba is the second-born kid in the family and she is a jewellery designer.

5. King size life

The Pataudi family lives a lavish life every winter. The house is massive as it has 150 rooms that is spread over 10 acres this includes seven dressing rooms, seven billiard rooms, and seven bedrooms, along with a dining room and palatial drawing room.

6. Real name

Sajid Ali Khan is supposed to be the real name of the actor but he changed it to Saif after entering into the film industry.

7. Cricketer Forefathers

Saif belongs to a sports family as his father Mansoor Ali Khan and grandfather Iftikhar Ali Khan were both professional cricket players of their respective times.

8. Marriage history

The actor met Amrita Singh after Bekhudi and fell in love instantly. At that moment his mother Sharmila Tagore was solid like a rock against their marriage but the two still got married in 1991. Later in 2004, they got divorced. He has Sara and Ibrahim from Her.

9. Love ahead

After the divorce from Amrita, Saif was found to be dating a Swiss model Rosa Catalano. But later the model revealed that during their relationship Saif never told her about his earlier marriage and two kids. After three years of being together, the couple broke up. The reason for this is that Rosa couldn’t handle Saif’s mood swings.

10. Dil Chahta Hai

The movie was first offered to Hrithik Roshan but he refused the role. He was a close friend of Farhan Akhtar the director of the movie for the role of Sameer. Later the role was given to Saif which acted as a turning point of his career.

11. Supporting actor

Saif played second roles for a long period of time. In movies like Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Tashan, Kal ho na ho. His first big hit as a lead hero was seen in Hum Tum by Kunal Kohli.

12. Not the first choice

The director Shekar wasn’t really confident about going with Saif as the lead role for the movie Parineeta. But after the massive success of the movie he even got a chance to work with Vidhu Vinod Chopra for Eklavya: The Royal Guard.

13. Second marriage

While shooting for Tashan the actor fell in love with Kareena Kapoor in Ladakh the year was 2008. Kareena at that time was dating Shahid Kapoor but the two separated and she married Saif later in October 2012.


Being from the Pataudi family Saif didn’t get a taste of Bollywood success that easily. He had to play several supporting roles in order to hit the top of the Khan list. But the actor kept his charm all through let that be movies or series on OTT platforms he always does wonders in every role.

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