13 Amazing Facts about Tabu

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One of the strong females in the film industry tabbu remains an ageless beauty from inside and out. She avoids going to parties and most of the time working or at home. Some of her impressive films are Chandni Bar, Life of Pi Maqbool, and Haider. Tabbu couldn’t find her Mr perfect and start a married life even though she had been dating Sanjay Kapoor Sajid Nadiyawala and Akkineni Nagarjuna. More than her personal life it’s the professional career that makes the headlines for the actress.

13 Amazing Facts about Tabu

1. Blackbuck poaching case

In 1998 when the celebs were shooting for Hum Saath saath Hain with co-stars Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, and Neelam Kothari even Tabu was charged with the preaching of two blackbucks in the outskirts of Kankani village located in Jodhpur Rajasthan. Under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 a lower court has charged the actors.

2. Childhood buddies with Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan and Tabbu have a special bond as they grow up together in the same neighbourhood. Tabbu is openly seen blaming Ajay for her single head as used to bully any guy who dared to talk to her.

3. Philanthropist

When it comes to providing a helping hand tabu is always seen at the forefront. She helps her friends, well-wishers, and everyone around her who needs assistance. She is even a part of Relief Project India which is a charitable trust that rescues abandoned baby girls and works for the prevention of female infanticide. She is even a part of several organizations and trusts.

4. National awards

For the two friends Maachis and Chandni Bar she has won two National Film awards for the best actress. In the year 2011, she was even awarded the Padma Shri by the Indian government for a contribution to Indian cinema. She holds the position of the maximum number of best actress wins in Filmfare which is 4 awards.

5. Filmy background

She is the niece of the actress Shabana Azmi. Her elder sister is Farah Naaz who has worked in several films. Baba Azmi is Tabu’s uncle who got married to Tanvi Azmi.

6. Never experiment with her hair

She does love to experiment with her roles but not with her hair at all. You might have never seen her experimenting with her hairstyle in any of her films. She loves to keep them long.

7. Nicknames

She has hundreds of nicknames right including Tabs, Tubs, tubby, and many more. One of the weirdest names she got was Toblerone and Tobler. Whereas her real name remains to be Tabassum.

8. Vegetarian

While she played a hard core non veg lover in Cheeni Kum she still remains to be a pure vegetarian. Even though her mother cooks mouth-watering biryani she still finds being a vegetarian a better option.

9. Parents divorce

She was a kid when her parents got divorced. Her mom was a schoolteacher in Hyderabad. Tabu studied in Hyderabad and later shifted to Mumbai for her college.

10. The big hit

In 1994 the movie Vijaypath became the biggest big of the year. She received the Filmfare award for best female debut. Since then she has given a series of hits like Jeet, Sajan Chale Sasural, etc.

11. Child artist

At the age of 10 Tabu made her first appearance on the screen. She got a small role in the movie Bazaar. When she was 14 she got a chance to play the role of a daughter in the movie Hum Naujawan starring Dev Anand. Her first big appearance was in a Telugu movie coolie No.1 where the co-actor was Venkatesh.

12. Not up for adoption

When asked whether the actress is ready to adopt a child she clearly said no as she doesn’t wish to deprive the kid of the love of both parents.

13. Bollywood debut took eight years to complete

Boney Kapoor signed Tabu opposite his younger brother Sanjay Kapoor for the movie Prem. The movie took eight long years to get completed but didn’t make it to the box office. In this period she started dating the actor too. But till the end of the shoot the couple was not on talking terms anymore.

With her versatile roles she definitely has made herself way beyond the league. She loves to be a mystery and so not much is known about her personal life, like and dislikes. But still this article got us to know more about her.

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