15 Unconventional Career Options

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When I grow up, I aspire to be a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer. And that’s where our list ends, not knowing there are loads of other career options that we must explore and find the right one that suits us. The world is full of possibilities and we must risk ourselves to achieve the best of our potential. Find out from this list which one is your calling.

15 Unconventional Career Options

1. Doula

Unconventional Career Options
Source: kveller

A woman who offers professional pregnancy support throughout the birth process. She doesn’t take up the medical role but all she does is provide the emotional and physical support needed for the mother during her pregnancy period. She provides all the necessary information right from the prenatal to postpartum period.

2. Headhunter

Source: businessfamilyfirst

These are people who look out for the right candidate to fit in the high authorities’ seats at renowned companies. They recruit people for positions which are never advertised, for example, CEO, manager, etc. The headhunters are a great help to the organization as their work reduces the time and money needed in the recruitment process.

3. Body Paint Artist

Source: bodyart

These artists use the human body as their canvas to make some phenomenal artworks. It’s not permanent like tattoos, rather it’s temporary which makes it last for a couple of hours or a few weeks. This form is generally seen in fine art exhibitions, political protests, sports, or music events and parties.

4. Live Mannequin/Human Statue

Source: teengazette

Live mannequin is a completely new concept to grab the attention of the customers in order to increase the sales. A person needs to stand as a human statue in front of malls or store outlets. While doing so, you may interact with people or just strictly stick to being a conventional mannequin.

5. Acupuncturist

Source: howtobecome

An ancient Chinese method in which fine, sterile needles are inserted in a person’s body in certain areas called acupuncture points. It helps to reduce the body pain. This is a form of therapeutic treatment that has quite a few healing benefits.

6. Elevator Mechanic

Source: onlinedegree

Usually overlooked yet an interesting career that pays well. These are the people who install, maintain, and repair escalators, elevators and other mechanical and motorized lifts. They must possess extensive knowledge of hydraulics, electronics, and electricity.

7. Food Scientist

Source: careergirls

Food scientists are the people who make every effort to increase the health benefits and taste element of the food we eat. Almost every food that you see in the market has a food scientist working on it. Food scientists conduct experiments, perform research and clinical trials to create safer food and preservatives to come up with better food-processing techniques.

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8. Meteorologist

Source: forbes

If you find weather patterns and atmospheric forces intriguing, then this is the best career option for you. As a meteorologist, you have to understand, observe, and forecast atmospheric phenomena and the effects that they might have on earth. There are a variety of specializations in the field of meteorology.

9. Ocularist

Source: betterteam

When people get injured, have diseases, or other trauma that results in the loss of one or both of their eyes, they go to an ocularist’s care to get artificial eyes. An ocularist is a skilled technician who can design, fit, shape, and maintain artificial eyes, also known as ocular prosthesis.

10. Ethical Hacker

Source: maryville

It is an IT professional who is legally given the authority to hack into a company’s computer and network system. An ethical hacker’s job is to search for weaknesses in an organization’s IT systems to prevent malicious hackers from gaining access into their systems.

11. Robotics Engineer

Source: riders

The job of a robotics engineer can range from fun to serious stuff. They can either be involved in special effects equipment for the entertainment industry, making robotic toys, specialized robots for manufacturing, or robots used for outer space and deep ocean exploration.

12. Video Game Tester

Source: nerdstash

Yes, in this job, people are literally paid to play video games. Developers rely on people like video game testers to test their games. Video game testing requires detailed, careful attention because the tester has to check to ensure that every element of the game works and that there are no flaws or glitches throughout the levels and sequences of the game.

13. Animator

Source: arenaparkstreet

In every stream, somewhere or the other, the role of an animator is needed. Let that be films or TV shows to video games or other multimedia projects. It’s a creative job where the animator has to push themselves hard enough to find a totally new and quirky concept that would rock the market.

14. Cosmetologist

Source: mticollege

The beauty industry is full of makeup artists, hair stylists, and other professionals who’ve built successful careers by offering unique approaches. It’s an easy task to establish a high standard reputation in a major city, but some cosmetologists have also succeeded by embracing the sometimes breathtaking or unusual possibilities by living and working in some fun rural areas.

15. Horticulturist

Source: wikipedia

It is the practice of garden management and cultivation activities. A horticulturist’s job is to maintain and grow the crop by providing it the proper setting and necessary supplements. They look after the transferring of plants, till the soil, prepare seedbeds, graft them, and perform many similar tasks. It’s an excellent career option for those who are plant lovers.


It is not important to follow the crowd and do what others are doing. Sometimes you need to hear your calling and choose the right path so as to make a life that you will remember. Look out for your strengths and interests and choose a career that will help you utilize them optimally.

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