14 Ways Birthdays are celebrated Around the World

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Everybody’s birthday is a significant day in their lives. Because social media has emerged, birthday celebrations have also become increasingly commonplace. Social media has made celebrations more exceptional. It’s not that there was no celebration back then because there were no social media. Undoubtedly, there were celebrations everywhere in the world, and each nation had a unique tale to share about the birthday celebration with some interesting traditions. Since you might have never heard it before, you would adore them. You might want to try out a few entertaining ideas for your child’s next birthday!

These are some fascinating birthday celebrations around the world from some of the most well-known cultures.

1. Brazil

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An interesting and amusing feature about Brazil’s birthday celebration is that, be prepared for some aching earlobes if you’re the birthday person. The birthday child will feel one tug for every year that they have been alive from family, friends, and even complete strangers. The purpose of the tradition is to wish for a kid to survive until their ears are level with the ground. They hold a large birthday celebration that centers on brigadeiro, the well-known, straightforward, and delectable truffles from Brazil.

2. China

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Chinese birthday parties may be significant occasions. A Chinese child’s first birthday celebration is the grandest one. Armfuls of trinkets like pens, money, flowers, books, and other little goodies are brought by family and friends to set out near the infant. The first thing a newborn grip is said to indicate later interests or activities. The well-known red envelope with money is presented on other birthdays as well as the lunar new year.

3. India

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Indians celebrate birthdays in a highly traditional manner and as both secular and spiritual occasions. In many Hindu families, an aarti is prepared and performed over the birthday child or child-to-be with lit diyas placed on a silver tray. The forehead is covered in rice that has been mixed with turmeric. In order to petition the Gods for a longer life, better health, and success, prayers or pujas are also conducted, especially on birthdays. Dry fruits or coconut may occasionally be spread out on a platter. They surround the birthday person in a manner similar to an aarti to guarantee that any negative influences are eliminated.

4. Jamaica

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A school day prank that began decades ago has evolved into a significant birthday tradition throughout the Caribbean. During the day, there is a celebration, cake, music, and games—and at least one nice surprise sprinkling of flour from head to toe. The birthday child is sometimes “floured” numerous times during the day, which further adds to the fun.

5. Japan

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Japan has a very unique and unusual style of celebrating birthdays, which you may not have heard of before, nor is it practiced in any other area of the globe. Not every birthday is honored in Japan, and not every birthday is celebrated on the child’s actual birthday. Because children perished early in ancient times, youngsters today take part in the 7-5-3 festival (Shichi-go-san), which is held on November 15. The name relates to the ages of the children who are turning three, five, or seven. They dress up and go to a holy site to give gratitude for their good health and a new year. Kids might also receive presents and chocolates.

6. Egypt

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Egyptians are also throwing a big party on the birthdays. A birthday celebration, or hafla, is held for family and friends, and it involves singing and dancing. The decorations are extravagant, generally a mix of flowers and fruit that represent growth and new life. Egyptians do not exchange birthday cards, but they do celebrate with a cake.

7. Netherlands

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Birthday party guests in Holland greet the birthday boy or girl with the greeting “Gefeliciteerd,” which means “congratulations,” and a sequence of alternating cheek kisses. Guests perform the usual happy birthday song after a meal and dessert. The audience then reacts with “HOERA!” after a few others cry “Hieperdepiep!” Hooray for hip-hop!

8. Nepal

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Here in Nepal, there is an interesting birthday celebration. Customs might bring a smile to your face. Children’s birthdays are less formal than in other cultures. One ritual, though, is amusing, if a touch filthy. Having brightly coloured rice yoghurt smeared on the birthday girl or boy’s forehead for their birthday festivities is considered good luck. There may be cake and gifts, but there is almost always yogurt—colorful, delicious, sticky yoghurt.

9. Eastern Canada

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Nose-greasing is a popular birthday prank in regions of Eastern Canada, such as Nova Scotia. Watch carefully if it’s your birthday and you’re in Canada’s marine provinces! You might get your nose rubbed with butter at any time of the day!

10. UK and other parts of Canada

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Birthday bumps in other regions of Canada entail grasping the birthday person’s legs and arms and frequently pulling them into the air so they bounce or ‘bump’ up and down. It’s normal to receive one bump per year of your life, so if you’re turning 11, expect 11 bumps. This birthday bump custom appears to be widespread throughout Ireland and portions of the United Kingdom.

11. Mexico

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Mexicans celebrate their birthdays with a fiesta, which includes food, treats, and music. The candy-filled piñata is the centerpiece of each birthday party. Blindfolded children whack bats or sticks at the piñata until it cracks apart and all the delicacies stream out for everyone to enjoy. The traditional quinceañera, which symbolizes a girl’s journey to womanhood, is an extra-special birthday for girls in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

12. Australia

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The majority of birthday celebrations are held outdoors with barbecues because of Australia’s fantastic weather. Australia celebrates with cake, candles, balloons, and other decorations. The nicest part is that kids eat fairy bread, which is a thick slice of white bread that hasn’t been toasted, is spread with butter, has sugar sprinkles on top, and is cut into triangles like a pizza. In Australia, sprinkles are referred to as “hundreds and thousands”.

13. Vietnam

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People in Vietnam do not frequently commemorate their own birthdays. Instead, on Tet, the day that celebrates Vietnamese New Year when everyone turns a year older, everyone celebrates together.

14. Denmark

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Danish people have a wonderful method of celebrating their birthdays. A Danish flag is flown outside the home of the birthday kid. As the youngster is asleep, parents and family members enter the room on tiptoe, laying gifts all about the child’s bed. They awake to a birthday celebration! The Danish birthday kid also receives a unique birthday cake—a cake man or a cake lady—which must be eaten with the head first. Is it a nice way to wish someone a happy birthday?

Hence, these were some of the most stunning and beautiful birthday customs from throughout the world. Nonetheless, most cultures view birthdays as significant occasions. Furthermore, many countries have exquisite festivities that differ greatly from Western cake-eating and candle customs. According to popular belief, not all cultures indulge in sugar rushes for birthdays.

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