42 Amazing Facts about Cucumber

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Cucumber, it is one of the vegetables and comes from the creeping plant of the gourd family, widely cultivated for its edible fruit. One of the facts about cucumber is that the nutritional value of this is low. But its delicious flavour makes it popular for salads and other dishes. Small fruits are often pickled.

42 Amazing Facts about Cucumber

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1. Origin of cucumber

cucumber originally from South East Asia it can be up to feet long a whole cucumber is just 16 calories in it.Raw cucumber has actually 94 5% of water in it. One of the important facts about cucumber is that the world cucumber day is also celebrated on June 14th.

2. “Cool as cucumber”

The real fact about cucumber being considered as cool as a cucumber is that it is actually derived from the cucumber’s ability to cool the temperature of the blood in our body. It also has various home remedies and various uses, like it also eases facial swellings and it is also good for our skin too.

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3. Vitamins

Let’s talk about the vitamins that we get from the cucumber, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 Folic acid, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, Phosphorus, zinc, all those vitamins that are there in cucumber. We can also make different salads from cucumbers which is also good for our health too.

4. Background of cucumber

around about the third millennial BC cucumber was first grown domestically in ancient India. We have also seen the one phrase about cucumber that is cool as cucumber which originated because cucumbers can be 20 degrees different between the inside and the outside temperature.

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5. Family of cucumber

Cucumber are members from the cucurbitaceas family which also include muskmelon watermelon pumpkins and Gourds. The plant of cucumber are generally monoecious which means they produce both female and male flowers.

6. Appropriate production of cucumber

For the appropriate production of cucumber the small scale Farms and part time farming operations are required like fewer than 5 acres. The world’s largest size cucumber was grown by David Thomas from the UK in 2015 and it weighed up to 23 pounds.

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7. Harvesting of cucumber

cucumbers are generally harvested by hand but pickling cucumbers are harvested by machines basically. In every country the production of cucumber is different everywhere. Like in the United States the value of production is over 410 million for cucumber.

8. Plantation of cucumber

Generally slicing cucumbers are planted on plastic beds because they are single roses with around 6 to 7 feet and 10 inches between plants. Bees are very important for implantation. Soil for cucumber should hold moisture and have a good water intrusion.

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9. How we can describe cucumber

Cucumber generally comes under the vegetable category and a cucumber is a thin vegetable with a hard green skin and wet transparent flesh and it is eaten raw in salads. As it grows from flowers and contains seeds it is botanically a fruit.

10. Benefits of cucumber

Cucumbers are a very good source of potassium, magnesium and dietary fibre this nutrients are known to lower blood pressure then reducing risk of heart diseases on all the research has also researched about it and also proved that the regular consumption of cucumber juice was helpful in reducing blood pressure in elderly people those with who all are suffering with hypertension.

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11. It is good for hydration

There is 96% of water in cucumbers. Add to the daily needs of water by the body skipping us hydrated all the time and this is very helpful specially during summers when we tend to get dehydrated easily. It also provides us relief from the summer heat. Which is very essential for all of us.

12. Cucumbers are good for digestion

Cucumber acts as a coolant of water.The full length for our stomach the soluble fibre in cucumber helps in slowing our digestion system. As it is considered as a good source of digestion.

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13. For better skin

cucumbers are a great beauty and show amazing effects on our skin, as the application of cucumber Juice on the skin makes it very soft and glowing. It also reduces wrinkles and fine lines from our dead skin and our skin is going to look so beautiful and glowy. The effects of cucumber are naturally light skin and reduces tanning.

14. Some side effects of consuming cucumbers

Consuming cucumber may lead to some digestive problems like broadening in some people. The people with kidney problems should not consume too much of cucumber as it can increase the water content in their body which is going to be very harmful to them.

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15. Blood clotting problems faced by the people

People on blood thinners should not consume too much of cucumber as vitamin K in them can make blood clotting difficult. People who are allergic to cucumber may show symptoms like swelling and difficulty in breathing.

16. It is good for hair and nail care

Cucumbers contain silica which is excellent for hair and nail care, they help in strengthening the nails and prevent them from becoming fragile.

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17. It soothes our Eyes

One of the benefits from the cucumber is that if we keep cucumber slices on the eyes for about 10 minutes everyday it relaxes our eyes and reduces distention around the eyes and removes dark circles and wrinkles from it.

18. It is also helpful in weight loss

The high water and low calorie content of cucumbers help in reducing weight. It contains 96% of water in it and is low in Calories and there are only 15.5 calories in 100 gram of cucumber.

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19. How to grow cucumbers

Cucumbers are grown from the seed. The plants that spread out along the ground. It takes almost 3 months for cucumbers to be ready to pick after planting the seeds in the ground soil, moist soil and plenty of warm sunshine to grow. If the soil is too dry the cucumber will be bitter.

20. All cucumber are not same

There are about 50 different kinds of cucumber sum of them of smooth skin and others have tough skins mod skin cucumbers are usually dark green and the rough skin cucumbers are usually light green and greenish yellow type of skin.

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21. What are cucumbers used for

we can eat cucumber raw also without peeling. You can eat them in salads, sandwiches and by themselves some people like to put salt or vinegar on their cucumbers or both. The smooth skinned cucumbers are also used to make pickles, dill pickles, sweet pickles, and spicy kinds of pickles. You cannot cook cucumbers though.

22. Interesting facts about cucumber

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Cucumber is one of the earliest domesticated type of vegetables. It was adopted around 4000 years ago and was not only used for eating but also in medicines. It is the 4th most cultivated type of vegetable in the whole world. Cucumbers have that much ability to very easily remove the feeling of hunger from our minds.

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23. Energetic

Cucumber can be a great source of energy which doesn’t have any sugar content and won’t let you have a sugar rush. It means the sudden changes which occur in our brain chemistry just eat a cucumber in a day. Its energy potential is contained by vitamins B carbohydrates and can give you energy to last hours.

24. Different shapes of cucumber

cucumber has many types, shapes , textures and colours including Orange Yellow green and white. It can also tighten your skin and make you look much better.

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25. Use as a cure

Cucumbers have a great ability to maintain the balance and cure any large uncertainty that may cause us discomfort. This is best known for people who are suffering from hangovers by eating several cucumbers after partying or drinking. Our body will have a chance to keep balance and remove painful morning headaches.

26. Cucumber can help fight cancers

cucumber can also cure big diseases like cancer. It has a strong connection with reduced risk of several cancer types including ovarian,breast, prostate uterine cancer etc.

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27. It’s a Brain food

Did you know cucumber can actually help your brain Stay In good working condition?Inside the vegetable is a flavonal called “fisetin” which actually helps reduce inflammation in the body. Studies have also shown that these inflaming chemicals help your brain function properly, helping you remember things better and helping cell health and regeneration.

28. Beneficial for teeth and germs

cucumber juice is also beneficial for people with teeth and gums problems, Cucumber is a good source of dietary supplement and fiber. This fiber massage is in the teeth and gums.

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29. Acts as a water pill

The water content of cucumber acts as a water pill or we can say diuretic. It removes the waste from our body through urination. Regularly having a cucumber can be useful to dissolve kidney stones.

30. Cucumber eliminates toxins

All that water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom, sweeping waste products out of your body. With regular eating, cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stone problems.

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31. Actual shape of cucumber

Cucumber has hairy, angled stems that can grow in the form of vine or shrubs which are approximately 2 to 3 square feet in diameter. It supports the growth of vines by connecting to nearby structures.

32. It also produces flowers

Cucumber also produces bright yellow coloured flowers during the summer season and early autumn season. Also produces flowers which contain both types of reproductive organs which are individual male and female flowers on the same plant.Some types of cucumbers are able to perform self implantation.

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33. Different types of cucumber are also divided

There are various types of cucumber which can be also divided into three major groups: large cucumbers with rough skin, small cucumbers that are used for pickling, and cucumbers without seed with smooth skin.

34. Cucumber takes the shape of fruit also and grows accordingly

This fruit appears 8 to 10 weeks after planting. One plant produces from 25 to 125 fruit roots of cucumber and is cylindrically in shape. And it is also approximately 3 to 24 inches long and covered with green skin with white growth under the surface of it.

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35. Used as a nutrient and have hydrating properties

Few foods as they say they are cool as cucumbers. A cucumber’s nutritional benefits are very ideal for healthy eating because it contains low calories and veggies contain many hydrating properties and valuable nutrients.

36. Various colours of cucumber

There are different varieties of cucumber, and they come in dozens of colours including white, yellow,orange and according to its nutritional value. The ones that are edible are eaten by slicing or pickling. The former are usually larger and thicker- skinned than the pickling variety.

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37. Importance of vitamin K

In the past few decades it has been experienced or clear that vitamin K is very important to our bone health or to our body. There is about 19% of vitamin K in one cup of cucumber. The human body also uses vitamin K when building bones, and the effects seem to be especially important for women’s bodies.

38. According to Dermatological Research

Researchers studied various aspects of cucumber extracts in animals and found antioxidant benefits. The study mainly focuses on the cosmetic applications of this use of cucumbers. It can free the entire body that improves your inside organs as well as your skin.

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39. Health conditions

Eating a different kinds of fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced risk for many health condition and many health problems like as heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and obesity etc. Cucumber’s potassium content may be especially helpful in this regard.

40. Reduces hypertension

Several researchers studies have linked cucumber consumption to reducing hypertension, Many studies have linked it with lower blood pressure because it promotes widening of the blood vessels, according to Today’s Dietitian. The vitamin K in cucumber is also known to be essential in the blood clotting process.

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41. Replacement to water

If consuming eight glasses of water everyday seems to be task you should try eating some cucumber. As the vegetable is made of 95% of water and can even fill your empty stomach.

42. Used as eraser

It’s not just the health benefits but cucumber can also be used as a stationary to erase the pen writing. All you need to do is remove the outer waxy coating and use it slowly on the writing.

We have seen various facts and benefits about cucumber in various ways. It has multiple uses and it is very effective for our skin too. And it is also used in making and used as a cosmetic.

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