13 Amazing Fun Facts about Astrology

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India is known for its religious nature all over the world. The religious feature of India includes the great importance of astrology, it is said that astrology is used several years back. We all must have used astrology once in our life. Our ancestors had a great impact on astrology in their life. Astrology is nothing but a method of practice that includes the science of prediction of events, the assumption is made based on the presence of celestial bodies, celestial bodies include the planets and stars in the universe.

Astrology is the mathematics of the life of a person predicting various events based on the calculations of the planetary movements or positions. It is highly based on the scientific principles of astronomy. Nowadays people are more believing in astronomy, providing people with horoscopes, tarot readings, psychic readings, etc. Astrology is being used in various magazines as well as sites as their content, it has actively helped readers promoting the subject of astrology.

13 Amazing Fun Facts about Astrology

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1. More than one sign can be predicted as you

You’re likely most familiar with your sun sign, but did you also know that you have a moon sign and a rising sign? If you know your time and location of birth, you can get your rising and moon signs.

2. The words of emotions are the result of your moon sign

According to John Marchesella, a licensed astrologer and former chair of the astrological group the National Council of Geocosmic Research, “your moon sign reflects your inner life and indicates your feelings, reactions, and responses to what happens around you.” “On a deeper level, the moon also emphasizes the traits of its sign. Sun, moon, and rising signs are all equally potent, although an Aries moon has more impatient energy than an Aries sun.”

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3. Your personality and the first impression you make on others are the results of your rising or ascendant signs

According to Marchesella, rising indications are an expression of our identity in the way we utilize the term “myself.” This hue is so me, oh my! Such me sweater! Like how the moon exaggerates a sign’s emotional characteristics, the ascending sign exaggerates its outward characteristics. So, compared to someone with their sun in Aries, an Aries-rising individual would act more impatiently. None of the signals are more potent than the others, even though one of them may emerge in a way that makes it seem greater than the others.

4. The motivation you feel from the heart and deep within yourself is the result of your sun sign

This, according to Marchesella, is “what we are constantly trying to achieve in life.” Consider the sign of the sun as the focal center of your life, just as the sun is the focal point of the sky.

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5. The compatibility between the signs is generally influenced by the elements of nature like fire, earth, air, and water.

Compatibility, according to Marchesella, is frequently exaggerated.

6. Born between two signs? You could be on the verge

While different astrologers have different perspectives on cusps, Marchesella holds that a planet can only reside on one side of a cusp at a time. In other words, having a cusp sign indicates that you probably prefer to identify more with one planet than the other rather than being a blend of the two.

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7. The degrees of the sign represent much more than it seems to

Birth charts and horoscopes are frequently stated in terms of degrees, such as 29 degrees Leo. The strength or force of the sign, however, is not conveyed by the degrees. According to Marchesella, a planet that occurs more frequently than not at the very beginning or very end of a sign is more expressive (although not necessarily stronger) of that sign.

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8. Physical appearance can be described by the signs but it can’t be influenced

According to Marchesella “The symptoms may reflect the alterations we make to or to our bodies to become more “me.” For instance, Aries can like red highlights in their hair or favor wearing redder to symbolize their fiery sign.”

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9. Mercury going backward can be advantageous

Every season has a certain function, claims Marchesella. Mercury retrograde may have been used as a blanket defense for Bad Things, but that is untrue.

10. There are other planets in the universe having their retrograde period

Except for the sun and moon, all the planets in your astrological chart occasionally go retrograde, according to Eisele. Additionally, Mercury’s retrograde period, which lasts roughly three weeks, is rather little when compared to other planets’ retrograde periods, which last five months for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (which NASA claims is still a planet, but smaller than others!).

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11. To know the accurate reading of one you should know the actual time of birth as well as the birthplace, through which you can easily create one’s birth chart.

Marchesella explains that to determine the positions of your planets and the houses of your horoscope, it is necessary to know the time of your birth.

12. Astrology was most believed in the Catholic Popes

Paul III arranged church council sessions based on astrological guidance, much as Pope Julius II chose the day of his coronation.

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13. All 12 signs, all 12 planets, and all 12 houses of the horoscope are active in some way for everyone

According to Marchesella, you’re not crazy if you think there are characteristics in all the indicators that you can connect to.

Most of the above facts I mentioned are based on John Marchesella, he is a professional astrologer since 1976, and he was also certified by the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). I believe in him, I believe in his astrology, and I guess it’s not only me but many of us who believe in him. My apologies to those, whom I hurt unintentionally with this article.

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